You Are The Carrier of Your-Values When You Are Born

Your-Values in simple terms refer to things that determine what you think, decide and act on in every situation you find yourself in.  The easiest way to think about your-values is to look at the reason why you buy certain goods and choose to leave other goods.  For example, what is the value of bread or milk to you?  That is what is inside the bread or milk that benefits your body? That is a use value.  Value also refers to what matters most to you at the core of your life.  Now, you came to earth with self-values because the Creator does not create unfinished or half-baked products.  It is part of your job to get to know what values you have.  When you know your-values they cease to be self-values and become your values.  As long as you do not take ownership of your values they remain self-values.

Move From Self-Values to Your-Values

You Just Need to Become Conscious of Your-Values.  So you and I and the other person near you, indeed every person, we all have the same challenge - Find out what your values are and do those things that give the highest expression of your values in each situation.  Have you noticed that the only one who has not changed in time is you, the human being.  All other things around keep on changing.  You constantly have to move from self values (just having values inside you) to having your values exacting dominion on your environment.

First be Comfortable With Your Own Values

Clearly, the first thing is to find out what your values are.  Well to help yourself to do that just remember primary school, secondary school, and tertiary education contributed tremendously in building the skills, knowledge, and your life experience.  These are tools you need to do the personal application work that "softens" you, kind of like marinating meat, so that your values can begin to travel through portals, from deep inside you, to come to the fore inside you.  You finally have to gain consciousness of your values: For example, 1) you have ears to "hear" your values. 2) you have eyes to "see" your values 3) you have a nose to "smell" your values 4) you have a sense of touch, to "touch" your values 5) you have a tongue to "taste" your values.  Another interesting technique is to go through the article located here (note: will open in another window) where you will get a chance to answer the question - what are your values?  Here we help you become aware of your values by attending to nano (very small) details in situations you find yourself in.

From Unconsciousness of Values to Consciousness of Values

You have mostly probably heard about the consciousness stages.  That is as a person you generally move through four stages of your-values consciousness from the first stage - unconscious unconsciousness to the fourth stage conscious consciousness.  Taking self-values from stage one: you are not aware that you are not aware of your values. Stage two: you become aware that you are not aware of your values. Stage three: you become not aware that you are aware of your values.  stage four: you become aware that you are aware of your values.  When you achieved stage four, your values become drivers of your actions.  your values are the ones doing the thinking, the deciding and the action and so you have unity of thought, decision and action.  But you will equally ruthlessly shy away from those thoughts, decisions and actions that do not emanate from your values, because you will feel that they are wasting your invaluable time.

Be Supremely Diligent To Recognise Shared Values in Others

It should be crystal clear by now that in any situation you find yourself you are automatically looking for those people with whom you share values.  That is what matters most to them is what matters most to you. Hopefully those things that matter to both of you are of good report or there is virtue in them.  In this way your purpose is unfolding through you living out your values.  Your identity is also getting clearer to you and your shared values enhance your shared unity of thought, decision and action for the benefit of all.

Now, Consider That Situation You Faced...

Self awareness development situations is here to enable you to get your victories and keep your victories. So that when you overcome a situation you will keep overcoming it's manifestations because you utilise very potent tools to succeed. This is your formidable challenge in life. It is normal! You will go through such challenges several times in your life. You will come to realize that whether it was during your childhood, teenage, youth, young adult, adult or old-age the same tools remain potent for your success - your continual upgrade of your self awareness development.

Did the situation help you realise that you have and you carry your values?

Did you display to yourself a sense of movement from self value to your values?

How comfortable were you in that situation with expressing your own values?

Did you take the opportunity in the situation to test your consciousness of your values?

Did you use your supreme diligence to recognise shared values in others?

If you said yes to any of the above questions it would be a good time to pause and reflect on what you can do to sharpen your response ability in that area.  If you would like to here from us when more articles become available feel free to send us your message on our contact us page or go directly to our What's New! page.

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