Your-Experiencing-Progress-in-Self-Awareness-Development is Requires You to Run Towards Your Goals, "Wearing" all Your Personal Qualities in Your Mind

Your-experiencing-progress-in-self-awareness-development is a personal process.  When you move forward to a point where an aspect or part of your self''s desire is fulfilled (or to to put it in another way, your desire crowns you) you have experienced progress - done something better, got near to finish or achieved some self desire. That is your progress in self-awareness, self-identification, self-regulation, and self-development has happen to you as a result of either solving your own problem, passing through a demanding situation or just learning a new thing such as a new good habit, in applying your personal qualities. In all these activities you are like a sprinter in a race competition who is running inside your own lane, making progress on every personal quality in the PQ Chart in an integrated manner.

Move From Experiencing-Progress to Your-Experiencing-Progress-in-Self-Awareness-Development

You may not have a clear view of where others are in their lanes in relation to you, but you know you are making progress.  This is your own progress.  You should know which personal quality is advanced and which one is lagging behind and need special attention in your mind as a multi-dimensional leader.

Your-Experiencing-Progress-in-Self-Awareness-Development is to Move Forward In Your Own Lane

Your life's lane is full of increments on things that fall under self-identification, self-awareness, self-regulation which collectively form your self-development.  Take your self identification as an example.  Each time you understand and accept an aspect of self-identification such as your-values you have self-developed a step forward in your self-identification sphere.  When you become more clearer of your-purpose as a result of, for example, completing a course in personal development you have built your self-awareness a step further. 

When you achieve, for example, one of your study goals by graduating in your preferred career field you have taken a step further in your-experiencing-progress.  All this you are doing is running in your own lane making sure that you maximise your development for your benefit, making it pleasurable. One way to be able to know about your progress is to track (note: will open in a new window ) your process.  You are making real progress from one frame of mind to the next and progressive frame of mind along your progress on your tree of experiencing progress.  The lane you run on in your mind has all the milestones you have to arrive at in driving along your towards your ultimate progress crown.  Your ultimate experience of progress is your-experiencing-progress in your self awareness development towards your own crown that is awaiting your safe arrival.

Your-Experiencing-Progress-in-Self-Awareness-Development is Your Focus On Each Personal Quality Getting to It's Destined Maturity State

What you do after leaving school is not very different from what you did at school.  The only thing is that you have to focus on you and the things you are capable of doing for yourself.  Frequently, you are put under pressure to leave your focus on self and start addressing others.  But you find that you are trying to do things for others while not having exhausted your time, energy and focus on awareness and development for the self. 

You should not under emphasize the legitimate demands of your-experiencing-progress.  You have to run your race until you logically finish or reach your destination, take a review of what you have done for self before you try any other things.  Your run to your destination requires your-self-control and your-resilience to keep you going on this path until your destination.  When you do this you are actually making sure that you do not turn from your run to the left or to the right so that you can reach your destination.  You can always address others inside and through your developed self.

Now, Consider That Situation You Faced...

Are you setting state achievement goals for your chosen personal quality or group of personal qualities?

Are you allowing each one of your personal qualities to move inside you from one step to the next higher step?

Do you value the truth and the life that each of your personal qualities moves in its own lane and as long as you do not move it by developing it, it stays at that particular state waiting for your move?

Is your- experiencing-progress in each of your personal qualities, moving from one lower state to the next higher state in your everyday life?

How do you think your maturity in personal qualities can help you respond from a higher awareness platform to your mental challenges in different situations?

If you said yes to any of the above questions it would be a good time to pause and reflect on what you can do to sharpen your response ability in that area.  If you would like to here from us when more articles become available feel free to send us your message on our contact us page or go directly to our What's New! page.

Self awareness development situations is here to enable you to get your victories and keep your victories. So that when you overcome a situation you will keep overcoming it's manifestations because you utilise very potent tools to succeed. This is your formidable challenge in life. It is normal! You will go through such challenges several times in your life. You will come to realize that whether it was during your childhood, teenage, youth, young adult, adult or old-age the same tools remain potent for your success - your continual upgrade of your self awareness development.

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