Your Self-Regulation Will Keep You Where Your Self-Development Brought You

In any situation your self-regulation is for you (meaning your capacity to alter your behaviors) by successfully cooperating and collaborating with your 7 mature dimensions and your 9 mature personal qualities in such a way that you reap the maximum benefits that the situation brought to you.

focus on self regulation

"control by oneself 

or itself...especially such control

as exercised independently of 

governmental supervision, 

laws, or the like."


The arithmetic of regulating yourself is such that your mastery of self adds only 25% to your success.  Your mastery of your identification system makes available another 25% to your success. Intimately self-regulation adds another 25% to your success. But when in a situation you successfully collaborate with the combination of mature 7 dimensions and 9 personal qualities you achieve the maximum 100% success.

You Realize The Effect of the Combined Force of 7 Dimensions Inside a Situation, not Outside it

To check whether you are growing, life throws you into situations that need your self-regulation so you can demonstrate your ability to apply your 7 dimensional characteristics.  You show your authentic dimensional behavior by the way you respond to your given situation. You have to detect what dimension or combination of dimensions and qualities the situation demands in real-time so that you can supply the characteristics and inclinations also in real-time to succeed at self-regulation.

Your Self Regulation Surely Maintains Your Success

Your self-regulation can be explained as your strength, pliability, and elasticity to the maximum flow of self within you during a situation.  Your ability to flow by self allowing different dimensions to become dominant as the situation demands will guarantee your success in any situation.  This is true when you consider that any situation is not there to consume you when your time is not yet up, but comes to apply the needed pressure on self rather than on you. 

But because you are the carrier of self the whole phenomenon will look like the situation is coming for you.  This is far from the truth.  The treasure is in the self and the self is inside you.  I am sure you do understand this.  Take out some time and meditate on this and you will, before you know it, have a clear picture of this.

You Invoke the 7 Dimensions to Achieve Setting to Your Desired Consequences

Your success in self-regulation in the situation is revealed in the positive impact of your thoughts, decisions and actions at the beginning and the end of your situation.  The positive impact can change your destination and that of others forever.  The positive impact is driven by your exercise of the 7 dimensions in maneuvering your internal self.  Your successful synchronization is externally visible through your 9 personal attributes.

The Situation is Your Testing Field

Your positive impact will continue to reverberate long after you have left the situation.  This is what you can see in any of your authentic behaviors. The situation comes to test your mastery of self in awareness and development of your self potential. The situation is your testing field.  You will never know how well you can manage yourself if there is no pressure causing the strength, pliability, and elasticity of self to maneuver through you.

Move Your Behavior Synchronization From Your Inside to Your Outside

Your ability to see both your internal and external self-interaction to produce the temperance you need in a situation determines your ability to synchronize from your inside to your outside.

You Use Mature Identities As Tools for Self-Regulation

self is hidden 7 deep

Each mature dimension targets a specific unique area.  There is no duplication. When you combine these tools you become more complete at the dimensional level and can now display healthy personal qualities such as patience, love and goodness.

You Use Your Maturity in Awareness As a Tool for Balancing

mature personal qualities

Each personal quality has its role in your regulation.  There is no duplication.  When you combine the qualities you become a more holistically regulated person. When you further combine with 7 dimensions you become a more all-rounded person.

You Assess Immature Qualities to Identify Areas to Adjust In Development

Immature personal qualities

Your self-regulation in any situation is a function of the degree of cooperation and collaboration at a given level of maturity or mastery of three things: 1) the self, 2) your timeless identification system, and 3) your degree of awareness

Now, Lets Review That Situation You were faced with...And Check Yourself

Do you notice that you needed to show an integrated set of constructive behaviors?

Do you realize that your 7 dimensions are revealed inside a situation, not outside it?

Do you believe that you can secure your 100% success?

Do you notice that you have to invoke the 7 dimensions to achieve setting towards your desired consequences?

Do you know that any situation is your testing field?

Do you know that you move your behavior synchronization from your inside to your outside?

Do you know you can use your mature 16 identities as tools for control?

Do you know that you can use your maturity in awareness as a tool for balancing?

Do you know you can assess your immature qualities to identify areas to adjust in development?

If you said yes to any of the above questions it would be a good time to pause and reflect on what you can do to sharpen your response ability in that area.  If you would like to here from us when more articles become available feel free to send us your message on our contact us page or go directly to our What's New! page.

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