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How This All Began

My strong interest about self awareness development situations began spontaneously during my early employment days in the early 1980s.  For a long time before then I took decisions and actions which were influenced by my analysis of my past more unconsciously than consciously. A new world altogether opened up for me when I realized how beneficial it was to learn to engage my past situations with a view to extract even the smallest of lessons.  As soon as I decided on this journey it also started my conscious learning from my past and from situations across many varying occasions. But this process of self awareness still remained very much reactive and based on history.  By history I mean just yesterday is history too!

The Big Transition To Awareness

At around the age of 30 I began to be aware of a thought pattern emerge where I was being bothered by persisting negative thought patterns - anger, irritability, impatience.  I also noticed that I was feeding these thoughts by meditating on them. Instead of avoiding these thoughts i started engaging them but I did not know how to counter them. So I asked questions like why am I having this thought? Why am I thinking about that?   The why questions soon became a powerful way of digging to the core of things.  Thus began my journey of self awareness development by engaging every situation I have ever been in and can remember.  It is fun and amazing how many situations from childhood, teenage years, youth, young adult I have benefited from through patient documentation and study analysis over time. The following are my different situations in brief.

My Child Hood Situations

This period is notable for the wealth of situations full of gems and pearls that I am still uncovering increasingly as I grow older. I remember in particular the situation around my departure for boarding school in another country and how that change impacted me as a person.  This caused an immediate change in my circumstances and with this a drastic change to how I saw myself which I only came to be aware of later on.  But it turned out to be the best thing for me during that time.

I Found My Early School And Home Days Are Precious Event Containers About Self Awareness Development Situations

My Teenage Situations

My teenage years are characterized by a boarding school life full of incubation experiences, such as social, cultural, sports, political, military, ideology and leadership training. Surprisingly enough all playfulness in me suddenly came to an end without anyone telling me anything. As I recollected this situation later I realized I needed no instructions to do things such as homework, study, wash school uniform.  From this wealth of knowledge, information and experience situations were submerged and embedded that would require me to explore more deeply during later years.

More Primary School And Home Event Containers
Occurred Here About Self Awareness Development Situations

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My Youth or Young Adult Situations

These situations were characterized by stumbling while searching for the truth, a striving and determination for education very much aware that there was only one opportunity granted by the sponsoring organizations to obtain an education. 

My Secondary Schooling Days Are Full of Confidence Building About Self Awareness Development Situations

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My Adult Situations

My situations during this time are characterized by a convergence of lessons learnt from all other situations and the specific situations of this period.  This period is a unique one in the sense that I am applying the lessons learnt thus far, giving a maturity flavor to the situations of today. My readiness to share a part of your life is a decision based on maturity.

About Self Awareness Development Situations

I am continually looking for better and better ways of sharing my wealth of information about self awareness development situations.  I do share my experience in other forums off-line and on-line.  Now I have found another avenue to talk about self awareness development situations in the hope that someone will not only gain from the information but also see a pattern they can also use for their own stories.  Its like precious possessions. Once you have the possession then you want to put it on and show it around, in a humble way of course.  After a careful review of Sitesell dot com I think I have found an excellent vehicle to deliver my 'shares' to you. Enjoy!

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TIPS From Awareness

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The Real You Is hidden 7 Levels Inside You Counting From Outside

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