Invoke Your Self-Leadership-from-your-inner-person Response Ability by Interlinking All Your "11 Players" For Potent Performance

Self-leadership-from-your-inner-person is your ability to allow your mind to configure your 11 senses in your spirit, soul and body for maximum cooperating and collaborating performance as a team.  Your configuration is in such a way that you achieve a normalcy position and relationship that releases the synergy potential amongst your senses of Intimacy, Intuition, Conscience, Will, Intellect, Emotion, Sight, Hear, Smell, Touch, and Taste.

Learn to Use All Your 11 Players Through Self-leadership-from-your-inner-person to Respond to Situations Rather than React

You know your five senses well.  You use these everyday and you control them from your soul environment, which houses your Will, Intellect, and Emotion to at best respond or at worst react to situations.  Currently, your ability to respond is largely a function of your soul environment where your mind is located. Your current configuration looks like the following...

Each Player Matters, you can manage with your self-leadership-from-your-inner-person

Take Your Mind (The self-leadership-from-your-inner-person) to Your Spirit Environment

Seldom, though, have you taken your mind on an excursion into the spirit (what others have called "climbing your Tree Of Life".  Self-leadership is where your thoroughly mature mind cooperates and collaborates intelligently with your Intimacy, Conscience and Intuition to retrieve and dispense your personal economy. This economy is what you came with anyway when you came into this world.  You just did not realize that you already have a comprehensive personal economy. But you need to mature your mind to be able to work competently with your spirit as well as your body, leading in all situations.  Then your configuration will look like the following...

The full Compliment of Players in self-leadership-from-your-inner-person

You Are a Team Full of Interlinkages

You will notice that you have an innumerable number of interactions in real-time between your different parts in each and between the three environments. You will notice also that you have a total of "11 players" between the three environments.  A good example of 11 players for you is the team players on each side in a soccer match.  Now, imagine how much you lose when you do not engage the full compliment of all your 11 players in any situation. When you realize this you will begin to seek ways of best subjecting your outer man to self-leadership-from-your-inner-person as he/she is the engine you never realized was there with you all this while.  Once you get this right this right will never look back to the old you, as you learn to supremely diligently adjust your configuration to enable you to pursue the following goals.

Unleash Your Maximum Spiritual Potential and Lead From Your Normalcy, Which is "Self-leadership-from-your-inner-person"

Your synergy potential is unleashed by the correct configuration of your spirit and your soul in the position of normalcy. when correctly configured in priority, position and role, each player will unleash its maximum energy and "your team" will produce potent results in any situation. Leading from normalcy is a function of the maturity of your mind.

Lean on Your Self-Leadership-from-your-inner-person as the One Leader Who Leads You to Resist All Urges to Venture out of Normalcy

Now, you can consider a number of configurations. For example, a configuration where you believe that your body occupies a higher priority in comparison with your soul and that your soul occupies and plays a higher priority role than your spirit. In this configuration, your spirit is the lowest priority and role playing. Here your fives senses or players of your body are driving your Will through your executing or renegade Emotions, unable to return home - to whats others have called "emotional complexes" locate where? in your mind or psyche.  You become sense-only dominated and driven via your renegade emotions.  In another configuration you may opt to rather first find your self-Leadership-from-your-inner-person as the one leader who is your leader and intelligently yield to his/her leadership, as in the following. 

Follow Your Original Beautiful Path by Allowing Your Spirit to Lead, which is Self-leadership-from-your-inner-person

In another configuration, you consider and believe that your spirit occupies the highest position, priority and role in relation to your soul.  That is he/she is your self-leadership-from-your-inner-person and that your soul occupies the second most high priority, position and role in relation to your body.  In this configuration your body occupies the lowest priority position and role. Here your three senses or players in your spirit are driving your Will or self-leadership through your Intellect.  You become conscience-intuition-intimacy or spiritual dominated via your intellect.

Use Your Thoroughly Mature Mind to Support Your Spirit

In both these configurations, you should not misunderstand this to mean importance. Importance applies to all your three parts.  Your body is very important to sense the natural environment around you and to respond accordingly. But your body cannot respond to the natural environment without your soul giving the go ahead.  Your spirit has got to have an input into your soul if your mind must make the right decision in order for you to produce the right action in any situation in the natural environment.

You will go through a number of iterations of this Authentic Leadership Development cycle until you reach a maturity level

Your thoroughly mature mind can lead in all three environments.  For you to achieve this kind of maturity you need to bring in Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Power, Knowledge, Honour and Respect. This means you will develop your thoroughly mature mind over any number of personal change interventions through techniques such as Authentic Leadership  to grow into your own powerful all-rounded leader who is able to face today's integrated challenges.

Now, Consider That Situation You Faced...

Can you invoke your self-leadership-from-your-inner-person ability for mobilizing your "11 Players" to achieve potently high performance?

Can you respond to your situations rather than react?

Can you now take your mind to interact with your spirit?

Can you unleash your maximum potential while staying in your normalcy?

Can you use your self-leadership-from-your-inner-person to resist all urges to venture out of normalcy?

Can you lead yourself on your own original beautiful path?

Is your mind thoroughly mature to support your spirit?

If you said yes to any of the above questions it would be a good time to pause and reflect on what you can do to sharpen your response ability in that area.  If you would like to here from us when more articles become available feel free to send us your message on our contact us page or go directly to our What's New! page.

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