Your-self-realisation is in Your Being Confident Enough to Do You and Accept Your Results

As a person, like any other person, your-self-realisation is for retrieving your native know-hows and Can-Do's.  You do this to express you to turn self into yours.  You begin with elementary things such as your name and surname which you learnt in pre-school.  You can smile, and greet all of which are elementary things that any person should be able to do.  At least that is a general expectation.  Now, lets take this further.  Your physical abilities.  That is things like sitting, jumping, running, stretching or bending, and sleeping.  Then you have intellectual abilities.  That is things like counting or calculating.  Intellectual abilities fall under a broader area you might call soulical abilities.  Then, if you identify with the understanding that a person can be viewed as a three-in-one being, you have spirit abilities as a person, which you can access and use with your mind, especially when you understand what mind renewal is all about.  So when asked can you do you?, your understanding should be something like, can you do the three-in-one You in an infinitely inter-linked, inter-connected and integrated manner? Below is my favourite soccer ball showing you how some of your qualities might look like when interconnected.

Move From Self-Realisation to Your-Self-Realisation

At a minimum, at least in relation to your self-awareness development of all your personal qualities in the soccer ball, your-self-realisation is about manifesting all these qualities together in a harmonious manner.  You may be asking whether this is possible.  Well, let me help you.  The basic principle of life is that there is always a more excellent way and each person should strive to find that way in their own individual way!  Life is designed so that you and i must keep moving. The day you stop moving is the day you begin to move backward. So your-self-realisation is an infinite journey.

Discover Your Authentic Self in Your-Self-Realisation

The biggest challenge that you, I and another face in life is being authentic, bonafide and genuine to yourself first. Its in your self realisation where you are just who you are, you do not pretend to anyone, you do not want anyone to pretend to you (you will also know how to handle pretenders), you know where you are going and your own plan keeps unfolding on how to get where you are going.  This stuff is not generally taught at school.  Maybe, if they taught it then they would not have had the time to teach you the very basics of life, like learning to write. So to discover your authentic self you need to use the basic skills you learnt at school about life to study self.

Challenges of External Pressure on Your Self Realisation

So what is the role of pressures from different directions on you. Pressures from peers, from various circumstances of life will come on you.  External pressure does not discriminate, it comes on all irrespective of status.  Well, the pressure (refer to my article on self-development-pressure) comes to press on you so that your inner properties, such as your personal qualities, amongst others shown in the soccer ball above, will come out to cause you to do those things whose good results will take you to your promised land - your self realisation - so that whatever that is you have defined you want to become, you actually realise it.  Your authenticity is one of those properties that should come out.  This coming out of self to become you seems to be exactly the definition in this (will open in a new window) Wikipedia explanation.

The Joy of Authentic self is Authentic Life Through Your-Self-Realisation

There is nothing you can compare genuine authenticity to.  Authenticity is to you the same as fresh food is or as preservatives are for keeping food from quickly getting unusable, useless for consumption.  Imagine salt that has lost its potency.  True authenticity, a product of your self realisation, is your potent reducer or absorber of the pressure on you enabling you to have the energy to expend to achieve your-goals.  When you think, decide and act authentically you do not need to remember lies.  This way you are overwhelmingly light from unnecessary baggage that can significantly slow or bring you to a halt in your race to fulfill your-purpose.

Now, Consider That Situation You Faced...

Are you confident enough to do You, accept the results, make adjustments and keep doing You?

Are you moving from self realisation to your self realisation?

Have you discovered your authentic self through your self realisation?

Do you perceive external pressure on your self realisation efforts?

Are you having joy in your authentic life?

If you said yes to any of the above questions it would be a good time to pause and reflect on what you can do to sharpen your response ability in that area.  If you would like to here from us when more articles become available feel free to send us your message on our contact us page or go directly to our What's New! page.

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