Experiencing-Competency-to-Own-Your-Competency is You Making Mistakes In the Course of Working and Continuing Until You Succeed or Finish

Experiencing-competency-to-own-your-competency is you making mistakes in the course of working, continuing until you succeed or finish.  Sometimes you may get bogged down with negative consequences in your step-activity results so that you think the world has just suddenly come to an end.  But the reality of life is that the best thing you can ever learn from is in fact getting bogged-down, making mistakes, marking time and other such things as you try to get out of your entanglement of predicament. However much time that may take, as long as that does not cause others to wait, its okay!!!  Have you ever though about what it took for all those who discovered things that we today just take for granted?  As the adage says: "Those who do not work do not make any mistakes."  You see, to own a skill or sorts, you need to do the action of that skill.   A mistake is just a miss in a situation that is pregnant with resources that caused that mistake of yours in the first place.  A mistake is a "gold mine" of lessons to be learnt.  The challenge is whether you will bother yourself enough to take the journey of learning from the mistakes you committed.  A mistake is like a testing for success.  Learn to minimise mistakes and feel experiencing-competency-to-own-your-competency   However, when you are working, making mistakes is not a condition for learning, rather it is a condition for experiencing your competency.

Own Your Competency

Move From Experiencing-Competency-to-Own-Your-Competency

Own Your Competency

Your emphasis should be on your-experiencing-competency in living out or demonstrating to self how mature the personal quality or qualities you are focusing on has become as a result of your interactions in situations.  For example, you can say you know maths by producing your maths marks from an examination you successfully passed.  So also someone else could say to you, hey, great stuff!  You handled that interview with great confidence or you dealt with that situation with courage.  Your successful utilisation of one or more personal qualities when the situations you find yourself in demand is what constitutes your-experiencing-competency.  What happens if your missed? You get yourself ready and try again in coming situations until you succeed.  From your work and taking ownership of all your lessons learnt, internalising the lessons learnt you are moving to your complete and successful competency.

Experiencing-Competency-to-Own-Your-Competency is to Succeed in The Course of Work

With widespread information is search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and mobile devices you can access information from anywhere, TV, social media and print media you will get the advise that you will get out what you put in.  Work hard and smart and you will reap the good to excellent results for yourself.  So what then is the problem?  Why do we still have the majority of people suffering and only a few rich, for example?  The answer is in the self-awareness-development.  The more you take time to reason out and write down what you really want out of life the more you will be energised to do something about what you want.  The more you are energised the more you take action.  The more you take action the more you get results.  The more you get results the better you can compare your results with what you want to see if the results really match what you said you wanted. This is you making your success and experiencing-competency-to-own-your-competency manifest in your products and services that  ultimately show up in your life.

Experiencing-Competency-to-Own-Your-Competency is to Keep Working and Focusing on Your Positives

When you really look at your focus you will realise that its purely psychological.  When you get positive results you keep going.  When you get negative results you still keep on going towards the positive results that you were initially looking for until you get them.  So make it your personal career to see, say and receive positive personal news, personal positive goods, and personal positive friends.  When you fill yourself with many positives the negative get automatically suppressed and ultimately displace.  Take fear, for example, when you sense fear you should fill yourself or allow you to be filled by love, which is the force that dissipates fear.  So in this example your focus is love and not fear.  You can also learn by teaching yourself to be quieter within and especially in your mind's valleys and hills.  Start by installing guards for your mind so that when you try to focus you are successful.

Experiencing-Competency-to-Your-Own-Competency is to Correct Whatever Needs Correction, Learn What Whatever You Need to Learn, Put all those Into Action

Lets say you would like to have a particular material thing you call X.  Your starting point is for you to deliver your energised action you need to acquire X.  To have this energising action, you need to have spoken the faithing words to instigate the energising action.  Your spoken faithing words come from your faith for X.  Your faith for X comes from your general faith for a set of things {A-Z} of which X is a part.  Your general faith comes from your faith for the good life that you deserve.  Your faith for the good life comes from you as a faith being.  You as a faith being come from your Creator Who has faith in you that you are going to do what you said you were coming to do here on earth when you opted to come to earth.

Now, Consider That Situation You Faced...

Did your renewed understanding of mistakes help you to navigate situations?

Were you able to move to your own competency (your-experiencing-competency)?

Did you define success for yourself, or you used the dictionary-defined (a form of reference) understanding of success?

Did you keep on working, focussing on your positives, rather than your negatives?

Did you put all your lessons into action?

Self awareness development situations is here to enable you to get your victories and keep your victories. So that when you overcome a situation you will keep overcoming it's manifestations because you utilise very potent tools to succeed. This is your formidable challenge in life. It is normal! You will go through such challenges several times in your life. You will come to realize that whether it was during your childhood, teenage, youth, young adult, adult or old-age the same tools remain potent for your success - your continual upgrade of your self awareness development.

If you said yes to any of the above questions it would be a good time to pause and reflect on what you can do to sharpen your response ability in that area.  If you would like to here from us when more articles become available feel free to send us your message on our contact us page or go directly to our What's New! page.

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