Your Biggest Job in Life is to Self-rest, in the
Greek "Anapausis!"

Your self-rest is your response ability to lead each of your 11 senses to your normalcy. This is your biggest job or challenge or employment! To achieve this you need your sporty-self qualities and intelligent self-awareness to drive you to self-humbling. your sporty-self, intelligent self-awareness and self-humbling act as your personal transportation system to your normalcy. You may recognize the complete undisturbed rest in the tortoise below despite water and any other types of pressure.

Notice, that the tortoise is in such a rested mode that it is covered by a 'blanket' which does not bother it out of normalcy.  In other words, your strength is hidden inside your self-rest.  All your team of 11 players have got to learn to proceed from rest, led by your Intuition and supported by your mind, operating from normalcy to self-fulfillment, despite the ever increasing levels of busy-ness all around you.

Your Rest is not the Absence of Your Active Self-fulfilling Work

To be quiet in your mind and emotions allowing your Intellect to focus on being lighted with understanding by words with revelation knowledge proceeding from your Intuition while physically doing your day-to-day activities is a result of power generated from your self-rest.  It is allowing your inward tranquility to restore your outer physical lost strength as you experience inner and outer rest simultaneously during mental or physical work.  This means the absence of your inner disturbance, harassment or turmoil.

Notice the Strong Collaboration Between Your Spirit and Your Soul

To better understand rest you need to appreciate the advanced explanation coming from the Greek word "anapausis" (note: will open in a new window). This word is a noun that depicts a state of inward tranquility or an inner process that restores your lost strength and inner rest, all simultaneously experienced inside whatever work you are intellectually or physically performing.  This may sound like its happening to two different people, but actually the crucial characteristic you can make excellent use of once you discover how you are designed to work as a tripartite being.

Your Rest Reflects Your Intelligence in Collaborating with Your Sporty-self, Self-humbling towards Self-fulfillment

Your intelligence lies in you resting in the perfect and closest bond of love and intimacy in unity with your Creator, accepting  His eternal productive forces poured into your Intuition in your spirit.  Your intelligent self-awareness develops as you apply your sporty-self humbling your self into continual rest through self-leadership, Creator-self-wisdom, Creator-self-understanding, Creator-self-counseling, Creator-self-power, Creator-self-knowledge, and Creator-self-respect-honor.  As your rest matures the collaboration of your 11 players begins to grow towards potency levels like a well oiled machine. Your self-fulfillment begins  to take off like never before.

Victory or Success is from Self-Rest - The Case of Recovery from Sickness

You will best understand the concept of victory or success from rest or rest being a victorious position by using an example.  You may well  remember the time when you got sick.  What did your doctor advise you when you went for your doctors visit?  Your doctor said you should take medication and sleep, is that not so?  So, you rested! Then, you recovered after a period of rest, got back to full health and vitality and returned to work or business...Victory or success over the sickness or disease started with your self-rest.

Did You Recover Through Medication or Through Resting?

Now, ask yourself this crucial question.  Is it the medication or the self-rest that got you to recover?  Of course the medication played a very important role.  But would it have worked on your busy body?  Perhaps to some extent!  But for the medication to work optimally on your body and produce the best results, you needed to be resting both mentally and physically.  There you are...Your 11 players had to be resting for the medication to work. Your healing was a collaboration of rest and medication.  You can see this trend or pattern virtually in everything that you take time to observe closely.

You Can Learn to Rest From Many Awareness Situations

Your ability to self-rest is your critical personal skill development ever in a world full of surprises. You can develop this skill from innumerable examples.  I hope you have learned something from the example of rest and medication.  Most importantly, you need to self-humble yourself to resting, which requires you to manage your transitions.  Read further on self-development managing transitions here. 

Now, Consider That Situation You Faced...

Do you understand and appreciate that your biggest Job in Life is to maintain rest?

Are you encouraged that your rest is not the absence of your active self-fulfilling work?

Did you notice the strong collaboration between your inner person and your outer person?

Is your rest reflecting your intelligence in collaborating with your sporty-self, self-humbling, and self-fulfillment?

Do you appreciate that victory or success starts from rest as in the case of recovery from sickness?

Do you value rest as the start of your recovery as compared to medication without resting?

If you said yes to any of the above questions it would be a good time to pause and reflect on what you can do to sharpen your response ability in that area.  If you would like to here from us when more articles become available feel free to send us your message on our contact us page or go directly to our What's New! page.

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