Your-value-benefiting-society is to Pursue Goals That Promote Everyone's Well-being, Including Yourself.

Your-value-benefiting-society is your pursuit of your own goals with your-individual-creativity in such a way as to ultimately produce the consequences of your many good personal qualities for many to benefit in society.  Even if you formulate your goals in a way that only you can understand, at the end of it all, your good consequences seem to cover a lot of needs.  This should be your-value-benefiting-society why some wealthy people end up establishing foundations, which they use to help others without requiring anything back from those they are helping. Abstraction may well be a belief that raises certain human values far above all other ideals in such a way that the abstraction in many individuals minds raises the up and brings them to a common sphere in space and time that in turns propels them to act in unison to achieve certain common goals enabled by the power inherent in numbers.  Such steps are at higher levels of abstraction and personal engagement with self-fulfilment.  Think about this a little bit, the human race is the highest form of benefiting in creation, made lower and last yet occupying the most coveted of positions amongst the Creator's beings - You are a value-benefiting-society.

Move From Self-Benefiting to Your-value-benefiting-society

Why would we call somebody who has reached a level where they help another person or people with what they have achieved self-fulfilment.  Because they have 'finished' doing for themselves, gained the experience of what it is to work toward yourself, and now, are ready to help another .   You start by fulfilling your needs and wants so that you can know how to identity other people's needs and wants and then fulfil them.  This is the basic process for moving from self to yours.

Pour Out Your Own Good Personal Qualities as Your-value-benefiting-society When You Have Matured Those Qualities

When we say that you start from self and move to society, we mean you start from your-achieves or your-achievements in recognising, downloading, installing, and running your personal qualities to extract good consequences for yourself and then get provoked by your resulting skills, knowledge, and experienced revelations you have gained and passed through to play your part through Your-value-benefiting-society.

Your-value-benefiting-society is to Pursue Goals That Promote The Diversity of Your Group, Community, and Organisation

An interesting biblical truth goes something like this "when money increases so do they who eat it." Another principle that closely links with this is that inside that increased number of who eat the money, you can divide the people into three: those that are committed - to Your-value-benefiting-society - the companions, and the compromisers. A brief is given of each category of people you will meet in your efforts to benefit society in trying to share all the resources you have developed or produced during your life-time.

Are You The Committed One?

You, of course, belong to the committed, which is why you are reading this article.  The reason you find yourself pushing harder than any other person around you, say in your family, is that you have an "anointing" - something inside your blood, sort of special and unique hormones" - that provoke you to join the committed detachment.  No one has to ask anything.  You just sense it, and you get up and do it.

Or You Are The Companion to The Committed

Some have the anointing of a companion, a person who is there with you, whether you like it or not - they are useful.  For example your brothers or sisters.  You also have other people whom you need to have an 'eye' to identify.  

Or You Compromise The Cause of The Committed One

With the compromisers the meaning is straight forward. The compromiser will compromise his own principles before he or she compromises the companions and the committed.

As The Committed, Own Your-Diversity

There is always a diversity element is whatever you do, including your-benefiting-society.  You just need to become aware or develop self-awareness in that area so that you begin to adjust yourself to accommodate that element of diversity.  Just imagine if we were all the same.  We would be bored with each other to pieces.  But, of course, this is one reason and opportunity to give deep, deep gratitude to the all-knowing Creator of us all. See this useful resource (note: will open in a new window) to learn more about developing objectives and strategies for attaining excellence and benefiting society.

Your-Benefiting-Society is to Make Sure That You Stretch and Exhaust Your Use of Your Resources

Diversity allows you to access different skill sets that you yourself do not have.  Others have the skills.  All you need to do is to determine whether someone is either a committed or a companion and how they can fit in the team you are assembling with their skills.  In fact any committed will be able to find a way of fitting into your team, without much help.  The reason is that the committed is able to see what you are trying to achieve even before you have informed them.  The companion will need a little of your help to fit into your team's rhythm of work and life balance.  When you lead in creating an environment where your committed and your companions can  thrive in doing shared activities you are maximising your finest areas of your skills.

Now, Consider That Situation You Faced...

Was your benefiting society to pursue goals that promote everyone's well-being, Including yourself?

Did you notice yourself move from self benefiting to your benefiting others?

Did you remember to pour out your 'cup' of good personal qualities?

Was your benefiting others aimed at promote the diversity of your group, community, and organisation?

Were you the committed one in the situation?

Were you  the companion to the committed one in that situation?

Or were you the compromiser of the cause of the committed one in that situation?

As the committed one, do you take ownership of your-diversity?

Was your benefiting others making sure that you stretch and exhaust your use of your skills, knowledge, and experience for the benefit yourself and others?

If you said yes to any of the above questions it would be a good time to pause and reflect on what you can do to sharpen your response ability in that area.  If you would like to here from us when more articles become available feel free to send us your message on our contact us page or go directly to our What's New! page.

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