Your-individual-creativity Leads You to Study Your In-built Spirit of Individual Creativity

Your-individual-creativity provokes your spirit of creativity.  When this happens your list of individual creations becomes endless. Your creativity is driven by all your personal qualities and the climax is your-skills-utilisation to provide solutions in situations.  We have only touched on your physical-man and to an extend the soul-man abilities.  Add to this your spirit of creativity and the potential you can access in your inner-man, which is hidden inside you is simply supernatural.  Your creativity was encoded inside you even before you hit earth.  Notice that at your individual level as a human, research and development is expressed by your mind rising up into your spirit, 'googling' for your ideas, downloading your ideas and putting them together with your intellect.  This is the best of your-individual-creativity that you can engage in.  The rest of your individual creativity is to bring those ideas to fruition in real life using your education and training.  So it is in your mind that you conceive victory first and then realise victory, patiently, in practice later.

Move From Individual-Creativity to Your-Individual-Creativity

Its your intellectual consistency across dimensions that keeps your victory from ideas right through to material manifestation without losing focus.  In this way you are living up to your-individual-creativity.

Your-individual-creativity Implies That You Have it in You to be a Co-creator with Your-Creator

As you may well know the first and original Creator of all things is the Creator of course.  So when you create anything you are originating the product or service in relation to humans but you are participating, so to say, at a creator-level in a co-creating initiative with the Creator.  Innovation energy is what the Creator is and has and loves in you as a co-creator.  There is a general biblical saying that says "every good thing and every perfect thing comes from above...",  this is exactly that force that energises you to be a co-creator.

One Type of Co-creator is an Inventor

One type of co-creator is an inventor.  In recent times the whole world has witnessed and benefited from the invention of the modern mobile devices led by the iPhone from Steve Job's Apple company.  However, as you may well know from Steve Job's history, you have to press yourself into the Creator's force of invention to become a serious inventor, frequently at the expense of your current relationships with humans, as you forge forward to bring the product or service into the material realm for the benefit of the very humans who may despise you at your time of downloading your inventions.

Your Individual Creativity Drives You to Co-create Products or Services that Benefit You

The interesting thing in life is that processes, things and phenomena are individual-based.  Your products and services are first ideas flowing from your own mind.  So why would you think that the products and services that you ultimately produce from your ideas are not first yours.  Every product or service was first discovered, initiated, put forward, started by an individual's creativity, who then in wisdom of shared-identity, brought the product to others.  Studies prove (note: will open in a new window) that there is a positive contribution of an individual's creativity to a company's innovativeness.

So The Idea of You Putting Yourself First is a True Derivative

So the idea of you putting yourself first is a true derivative from the Creator.  You lead in discovering a product or service.  You lead in implementing a change.  You lead in help others.  But first you must lead yourself in discovering a product or service, in implementing that change in your own life, in helping yourself.  To achieve this you need products and services for yourself first, to benefit you first, and only after you are sure of the quality therefrom that you begin to involve others.

Now, Consider That Situation You Faced...

Did the situation help you to recognise your in-built spirit of your individual creativity?

Did the situation help you to move a step further to owning up to your individual creativity?

Did you take note that you are a co-creator?

Did it it dawn to you that in truth you maybe an inventor?

Did your individual creativity drive you to co-create your products or your services?

Did you understand from that situation that you should put yourself first?

Self awareness development situations is here to enable you to get your victories and keep your victories. So that when you overcome a situation you will keep overcoming it's manifestations because you utilise very potent tools to succeed. This is your formidable challenge in life. It is normal! You will go through such challenges several times in your life. You will come to realize that whether it was during your childhood, teenage, youth, young adult, adult or old-age the same tools remain potent for your success - your continual upgrade of your self awareness development.

If you said yes to any of the above questions it would be a good time to pause and reflect on what you can do to sharpen your response ability in that area.  If you would like to here from us when more articles become available feel free to send us your message on our contact us page or go directly to our What's New! page.

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