Use Treasure Self-identification to Retrieve Your Creator-embedded Valuables

Your success in life depends on your use of treasure self-identification to determine where your treasure is located, then to go to your treasure, aided by iterative treasure identification actions, each responsible to move you closer to your treasure and to retrieve it. What characteristics or indicators show you your path to your hidden treasure  and how can you maximize the opportunities?  To help you locate your treasure you need to first appreciate your personal skills development.

Understand the Word Treasure and It's Origins

St. Paul says this about treasure in one of his teachings on Grace, "But we have this treasure in earthen vessels..." The word treasure here is translated from the Greek word "thesauros", pronounced thay-sau-ros.  The word is defined by Thayer's lexicon as 1) "the place in which good things are collected and laid up.  2) A casket or coffer or other receptacle in which valuables are kept.  3) A treasury.  4) Storehouse, repository magazine; the things laid up in a treasury, collected in a treasury.  To lie, metaphorically, to be by God's intent set, ordained, appointed.

So, Where is Your Treasure?

From the definition above you will notice that your treasure, "thesauros",  is located inside you, the biological "earthen vessel", where the word "earthen vessel" is a word for your body formed from earth by God, the Creator.  Therefore the rest of you - soul and spirit - is by God's intent ordained, appointed by divine design to be a repository of the treasure lying deep inside your being to benefit the entire world and all the people once you have brought it out.

Determining the Position of Your Treasure

Take a look at the following diagram, which reveals the levels to the location of your treasure.

When you add the strong's dictionary definition of the word treasure, you find the following: "A deposit, that is, wealth, literally or figuratively - treasure", which means "thesauros". You could call this level 1. Notice that the term deposit has a geological connotation implying the necessity for you to engage in some kind of mining activity.

Three Actions to Get You to Your Treasure

"Thesauros" is derived from another word, in the Greek.  This is the action word "Tithemi", which means to set, put, place to place.  In other words this is now level 2.  The word "Tithemi" is imported from Greek word "Histemi", which is an action word, a verb meaning to cause or make to stand something that is lying prostrate. In other words this is now level 3. The word "tithemi" is also related to the Greek word "Keimai", a verb speaking of lying passively and prostrate as if hidden from something or kept for a coming time, an appointed time when you begin your treasure self-identification process as part of your self-development.

What Do All these Terms have to do with Treasure?

Firstly consider this.  Your have this treasure "thesaurus" carried by your physical body.  You move around - wake, sleep, walk, talk, run, exercise, eat, sit, relax, laugh, shout, jump, grudge, touch, feel - all this happens, knowingly or unknowingly, with the wealth of goods - treasure - laid up in you, and you are not conscious that you have all this.  The three words "tithemi", "histemi", and "Keimai" are all action words - verbs - that produce the pressure that you need to act on your tripartite being -  body, soul and spirit for your treasure to come out.  This combined action consists of a collection of self-development pressure factors that are both authored and finalized by your Creator 7 dimensions.

You Need to Play Your Role

You role is to utilize you self-rest to stay in your normalcy while  engaged in self-development managing transitions through the iterative treasure self-identification actions.   You will come into pressure situations, whether painful or pleasant that require your sporty-self, such as the pressure coming from your own or other people's resources - money pressure, people pressure, information pressure, technology pressure, time pressure, and the list of pressure types is endless.  This will enable you to master treasure self-identification during awareness situations. 

Your Attitude During Treasure Self-identification Situations

Your response ability to remain at self-rest in your normalcy in the face of any type of pressure results in opportunities for you to retrieve your treasure, because each pressure situation brings you closer to your treasure.  You will go through at least 2-3 actions to get to your treasure in the current cycle of your life, if all other things remain the same, such as your positive attitude towards an awareness situation.

Learn to Thrive in Any Type of Pressure

Since pressure comes to help you get to your treasure, learn to take a lift in your pressure vehicle - self-development pressure - read more on this here.

Now, Consider That Situation You Faced...

Did you use treasure self-identification in that situation to retrieve your Creator-embedded valuables?

Do you now understand the word treasure and how It's origins enlighten you?

Are you now aware of where the treasure is?

Can you determine the position of your treasure?

Do you now realize the need for at least three actions to get you to your treasure?

Do you appreciate the role these terms play in getting to your treasure?

Are you willing to be sporty-self in order to retrieve your treasure?

Are you able to fine tune your attitude to maximize your treasure self-identification in awareness situations?

If you said yes to any of the above questions it would be a good time to pause and reflect on what you can do to sharpen your response ability in that area.  If you would like to here from us when more articles become available feel free to send us your message on our contact us page or go directly to our What's New! page.

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