Self-development Pressure Will Always come from Your Awareness Situations

When self-development pressure increases in your particular situation circumstances that can be both from a negative view and a positive view, then you should know that your normalcy is under threat and you need to do something about this.  Let us look at your success more closer.   Success is an accumulation of something useful in many different ways. You may identify revelation, power, wisdom, knowledge, information, technology, people, time and money as components of your success or lack of the same.  The figure below shows a sample of the usual natural resources whose availability or lack thereof may put pressure on you as a person.


Self-development pressure is the availability or unavailability of one or more of all these resources.  Individually or collectively the resources produce pressure on you to a greater or lessor degree. The question is how do you, under this load, still stay in your normalcy?  Your problem now is maintaining your normalcy, because your normal behavior depends on your state of normalcy.  Self-development pressure may alter your state of normalcy which in turn will affect your behavior.

Pressure Will Manifest at Both Extremes of a Given Resource - Having a lot of It or Little of It

You have heard the saying: "You either have a problem of little money or you have a problem of too much money."

Now, that you know, you may generalize the above statement to be: You either have none of this or a lot of this." Does this help you or better still - neither too much nor too little, but that which is convenient.

For additional advise on Self-development pressure see this interesting resource Managing Pressure and Avoiding stress (note: opens in a new window)

You should Develop Your Own Way of Noticing Pressure Beginning or Intensifying

So what then is the problem?  At first site this looks like a small problem.  But look closely at this challenge because you also are either going towards or are inside pressure right now. Pressure must come!  But you ask, when do I expect the pressure?  What a good question! The answer is whenever you desire, acquire, utilize, maintain, and dispose  any of the components listed above, you attract the component's sponsoring agent and you have to deal with the agent's influence.  It could be early or later in your life. You will always face two types of self-development pressures.  One is on the debit side and another is on the credit side of your account, or  the positive side and another on the negative side of your account.

Each Resource Exerts its Own Type of  Self-development Pressure

Both spiritual or supernatural and natural resources have, each a different pressure on you, the main natural resource being money as the exchange resource.  So, you will experience money pressure, people pressure, information pressure, time pressure and technology pressure.  Of course there a more factors that could influence the amount of pressure that a resource may have, such as how you perceive the source of that resource or your quality of life.  If your demand for quality is high then the pressure of resources on you may rise accordingly.

The Pressure Comes to Extract Your Treasure, not to Harm You

The most important thing to know is that pressure does not come to destroy you, but to power the extraction of the treasure inside you, thus polishing you up.  Only when you don't realize that this contradiction between pressure and treasure will ultimately lead to your development are you in danger of becoming a victim of the pressure, which you may have produced by your own success.  It is like the small fish swimming beside the whale or shark.  The shark or whale does not complain that the small fish are eating up dessert, because he knows algae must be removed, which shows a type of self-development pressure.

Your Key to Leverage Any Type of Pressure Coming at You

Learn to remain firm, confident and undismayed, holding on to your peace at self-rest.  Read more on how you can operate from self-rest here.

Now, Consider That Situation You Faced...

Did any pressure come from that awareness situation?

Did the resource manifest as either a lot of It or little of It?

Did you notice when the pressure started and or intensified?

Did you notice each resource exerting its own type of  self-development demand?

Did you notice that the pressure came for your treasure inside you and not to harm You?

If you said yes to any of the above questions it would be a good time to pause and reflect on what you can do to sharpen your response ability in that area.  If you would like to here from us when more articles become available feel free to send us your message on our contact us page or go directly to our What's New! page.

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