Succeed with Self-development Managing Transitions by Maintaining Normalcy In All Your Activities

Self-development managing transitions is your response ability to exit normally from your previous activity and enter normally into your next activity without adversely affecting any stakeholders or the quality of your activities.  A transition is a movement from one state to another either within the same activity or between two distinct activities or environments.

David Bohm in his book on "The Special Theory of Relativity" says the following about perception. "We see then that what actually appears in the field of perception, at least when one is viewing something relatively static, is a structure, order, and arrangement of things regarded as invariant in their sizes, shapes, and spatial relationships."  Your ability to see structure, order and arrangement in your inward senses provides the insight and foresight that gives you the advantage to see beyond the now.


As a result of your growing strength in perception you will not wonder "what now just happened?", but you will develop your insight into spiritual and natural transitions in your life from minute to minute, and from hour to the next, creating a winning combination of activities, rather than looking for such combinations.

You Manage a Transition by Quickly Returning Back to Normalcy

You manage a transition by returning back to normalcy every time you complete an activity and do an all-round preparation to enter into the next activity. But this is so fast that you may not notice in real time.  You may not necessarily return to normalcy but may go directly into preparation for the next activity once you have mastered transitions. The concept of managing transitions has a lot of applications and has found and continues to influence a lot of people, including you, and the many disciplines that produce products and services for our enjoyment.

Start Your Day With Your Self-development Managing Transitions Plan To  Excel Throughout Your Day

When you begin your day or any major task or project with a self-development managing transitions plan you will produce excellent results. For example, you just woke up this morning.  You transitioned from sleep to wake, even if you were still in bed, laying there, thinking about how the day will turn out to be.  Hopefully, while still in bed you thought through the whole day, your mind running through all the activities that need to be done today.

Line Up All Your Foreseeable Activities

Lets say you took a pen and paper or a voice recorder and wrote or recited all the activities, one by one into your plan. You will be amazed at the fact that just thinking through your activities is a mental transition you should manage in itself.  You can enhance the quality of your activities by...

Putting Some Timelines To Your Activities

Challenge your mind and body by estimating how long you or your assignee will take to do a particular activity.  Your winning combination in your activities emerges because you have imposed transition on each of your activities using your time resource.  After putting some timelines, you may determine what is required to do the activities and what and how good will the result be.  You may have access to more people than you alone to do perform your activities.  If so, you may

Decide To Assign Others to Do Some of the Tasks.

You may have further more noted whether you yourself will do the activity or you will assign the activity to someone else and maybe jotted down the name, phone, and other details as you may deem appropriate. This is an important element of your self-development managing transitions process. Once you are done, you are now ready to...

Begin Your Day With Proper Transitioning

Now you are ready to transition from the bed to bathroom, could be via some cup of your favorite hot or cold drink from your fridge. Your plan is now in full motion and you just need to follow through, making sure there is little unjustified disturbance to your planned activities and transitions. 

PEREVAPLASHATSA (is Russian for) Be Immersed Into Your Activity Execution and Transitions

Well, given this activity self-development managing transitions plan you have drawn up, managing transitions means you immersed into your plan, seeing each activity coming at you for you to perform it.  Your dynamic network plan will move you dynamically from the first activity to the last one in time and space, using various resources like information, other people, technology, money and your precious time.

Make Sure You do not Over Schedule as this is Counter Productive

In the Russian language there is word called PEREVAPLASHENIYA.  This word suggests that you should literally get into a computational device become the software program and walk inside the device, doing each action as obedient as a robot, utilizing the resources as needed.  Another example, though a bit technical, that will help you understand the use of managing transitions is when you do computer animation programs. see an explanation at Mozilla Developer Network - Guide to Using CSS Transitions (note: opens in new window).  Your lesson from this is that you need discipline to focus on getting results in your life, making sure that nothing derails you from your set objective.

Lets Use the Example of the Action Movie Iron Man 3

Let us say you owned a network of robots, much like in the action movie, Iron man 3, where you are able to assign the robots to go do exactly what you have jotted down in your activity plan while you lay on your bed sipping your most cherished drink, transitioning from wake to bathroom to kitchen to sitting room, meanwhile your robotics workers are serious at work and you have full line of audio, video access on the status of each activity.  Now, this is your optimal self-development managing transitions you can achieve through self-mastery.

Where Would You Apply Managing Transitions

There are many areas in life where you would make use of managing transitions.  Here are some example titles: From your family home to your workplace, From your workplace division to your workplace CEO, From workplace to your Gym, and From your Gym back to your family home.  The practical uses of self-development managing transitions are simply infinite for you in your awareness situations.

Managing Transitions in 3-D Awareness Situations - Spirit, Soul, Body

Imagine that you took all this understanding and applied it to your transitions combining your 3 dimensions - spiritual, soulical or soulish and physical environments. In short, managing transitions in your natural environment advertises to you the need for you to manage your spiritual transitions. while your natural transitions are temporal, your spiritual transitions are eternal. For now, let me show you how you can learn how to apply self-development managing transitions in soccer situations here.

Now, Consider That Situation You Faced...

Do you realize you can succeed with self-development managing transitions by maintaining normalcy in all your activities?

Do you realize you can manage a transition by quickly returning back to normalcy?

Do you know you can start your day with your transitions plan to  excel throughout your day?

Do you know you can line up all your foreseeable activities?

Do you know you can put some timelines to your activities?

Are you now able to assign others to do some of the tasks?

Can you now begin your day with proper transitioning?

Do you understand PEREVAPLASHATSA (is Russian for) be immersed into your activity execution and transitions?

Are you able to make sure you do not over schedule as this is counter productive?

Do you see any managing transitions scenarios in the Action Movie Iron Man 3?

Can you identify areas in your life where you would benefit using managing transitions?

If you said yes to any of the above questions it would be a good time to pause and reflect on what you can do to sharpen your response ability in that area.  If you would like to here from us when more articles become available feel free to send us your message on our contact us page or go directly to our What's New! page.

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