Creator-self-power imparts to you boldness and courage Energizing You to Decisive Action

Creator-self-power imparts to you boldness and courage, giving you extraordinary power by electro-magnetizing you in a positive way to cooperate and collaborate with your inner self in confronting your situations. Your rest in the combined cushion of leadership, wisdom, understanding, counseling, knowledge, respect and honor, releases dynamic working power to work on your behalf.

Your Power Utilization Is Driven By Wisdom

Your Power Utilization Is Driven By Your Wisdom

Your position of power in a situation is given to you by your original Creator architecture.  When you are in that position in a situation, it is because your Source has caused your position of leadership or ruler-ship to be given to you.  This is the power that allows your conscience to judge between right and wrong, governing your “11 players” to diligently seek and receive hindsight, insight and foresight early even before a situation arises.

Develop Your Inherent Quality of Boldness and Courage

When you allow your exposure of the extraordinary power originally lying dormant inside you, you gain self-confidence and begin to shift toward boldness on the shy-bold continuum (Note: link opens in new window). Your self-efficacy is pushed into a new realm of display so that what seemed insurmountable before becomes a walk in the park for you.  What changed, you ask? Well, you were electromagnetized in your inner self by your Creator-self-power in a positive way.  your ability to maximize your 11 players execution synergy shoots up.

You Can Do Extraordinary Things With Your Extraordinary Power

Your response ability to any situation with your power is determined by your degree of self-rest or assurance in your Creator.  The more assured you are the more rested your are.  The more rested you are the more calculating you are in the utilization of the extraordinary power at your disposal.  Make sure you rest in your comprehension of your Creator first before your Creator can allow your to rest in His power.

Creator-self-power Electro-magnetizes You For Powerful Utilization

Lets take a look at some action movies, for example.  Consider the movies: terminator, hulk, and matrix.  Can you see that irrespective of the purpose for which your power is utilized, your power always emerges from within you.  But you can be destructive if you do not rest first in your Creator.  Notice also that in the case of matrix, extraordinary power comes only once self-effort comes to its end - the character, Neo, dies first before waking up again to dismiss his opponents.  So, your self-effort is useless if you are not powered by your Creator.

Cooperate and Collaborate with Creator Extraordinary Power

When you cooperate and collaborate with your Creator's power you leverage all His power for your personal purposes as in the example of the character, Neo, who after waking up is able to beat the opponent and send them running in their own environment.  Your victory in any situation is guaranteed when you cooperate and collaborate with your Creator purpose.  After all your Creator delights in providing for you.

Now, Consider That Situation You Faced...

Did your Creator-self-power impart to you boldness and courage, energizing you to decisive action?

Was your power utilization driven by wisdom?

Did you develop your inherent quality of boldness and courage?

Are you able to do extraordinary things with your extraordinary power?

If you said yes to any of the above questions it would be a good time to pause and reflect on what you can do to sharpen your response ability in that area.  If you would like to here from us when more articles become available feel free to send us your message on our contact us page or go directly to our What's New! page.

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