With Your-Skills-Utilisation You Have the Skills, Expertise and Experience to Create Products or Services

Your-skills-utilisation is to use your skills, knowledge, expertise and experience primarily for your own benefit.  This is because your first task is to look after your-self, to retrieve what is inside you.  How do you look after yourself? The answer is straight forward.  You use all that you know and can do in order to get things for yourself.  You look after yourself, be satisfied with the things that you have got for yourself, and then only begin to look after others.  So mentor yourself and coach yourself achieve your purpose and goals, which demand from you to produce either services or co-create products for yourself.  You are a more powerful, stronger, excellent and supreme intelligence than you actually think.

Move From Skills-Utilisation to Your-Skills-Utilisation

Your-skills-utilisation is you "breaking" or "possessing" your body from your soul and allowing all those good things to come out from your inner-self.  You are made, as this supreme intelligence, able to bring out of you precise reproductions in every respect of your 'original' products and services that you were intended to bring to earth during your life time.  Of course the usual way to utilise skill is by others such as where you are employed.  For such a view see the article (note: will open in a new window) on how you can you are being under-utilised.

Your-Skills-Utilisation Enables You to See and Do More than Just Products or Services and Making Profit

Your-skills-utilisation enables you to do more that your can think.  Think about this deeply.  Everything you are able to produce, you produce the things primarily for yourself.  It looks like its is only by accident that you realise after you have these products or services that in fact you have produced more than you need and you can either give some away or make a reasonable economic gain by selling your remaining products.  Then you realise that in order to sell your products or services you need people who are interested in buying your products or services at a price that is both suitable for them and economically viable for you.  But you would not have pursued your productivity were it not for your passion pouring out of you from within and in the process pushing you to co-create.

It is First Your Passion, Satisfaction and Then Transacting

But all these activities you can and should do only after you have fully satisfied yourself with your products and your services.  I mean that the self as an existence in and of itself needs to be looked after and continually and progressively sustained.  As you upgrade your products and services so should you upgrade the self's experience of those upgraded products and services first.  The self must enjoy the profit you make from your products and services first before any other ventures are made with those products and services.

Your-Skills-Utilisation Identifies and Secures Your Products and Services Market

The first market for your products and services is you, your life and your family.  Remember that you are targeting to bring into the physical you, your life, your family, and your group your mature personal qualities as shown in the soccer ball.  These are just some of your "personal markets that you need to be attending to on a periodic basis.  If you approach these personal qualities from an angle such as the one I am showing you, you begin to approach life from a significantly different dimension.  Test drive this approach to your life and see for yourself.

Your-Skills-Utilisation Enables you in Getting Actual Customers to Buy Your Services or Products

Now that we know what markets we are dealing with, we need to know who the real customers are.  You know that at markets three things meet.  1) The products and services. 2) The sellers of the services and products and 3) The customers who come to buy the products or services. So the seller is you.  The products and services is what you make out of these personal qualities as they are listed above or inside the "soccer ball" above. Your customers are those individuals, teams, communities and organisations who gladly welcome and receive the positive impact you generate on them as a result of the maturity you have made out of these personal qualities.

Now, Consider That Situation You Faced...

Did the situation provoke you to use your skill, expertise, and experience to co-create products or services?

Did the situation provoke you to move to your skill utilization?

Did the situation provoke you to do more than just produce products and services and make a profit?

Did the situation move you from your passion to your satisfaction and then to your transacting?

Did the situation reveal your skills utilization identifying and securing the markets for your products and services?

Did the situation reveal your skills utilization enabling you to get actual customers to buy your products or services?

If you said yes to any of the above questions it would be a good time to pause and reflect on what you can do to sharpen your response ability in that area.  If you would like to here from us when more articles become available feel free to send us your message on our contact us page or go directly to our What's New! page.

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