Creator-self-knowledge is the Critical Knowledge in Your knowledge base You need for Your "11 players"

Creator-self-knowledge is the revelation or spiritual knowledge directly flowing to your spirit by Intuition rather than by Intellectual means.  This knowledge fills your knowledge gap, and comes to your mind with the perception of your heart.  This is different to your conventional intellectual knowledge, through educational development, and provokes your entire being to purposeful and knowledgeable destiny fulfilling action through spiritual development.

Wisdom and Knowledge

You may have heard that the sciences are referred to as either exact sciences such as in the case of maths, physics, chemistry or non-exact sciences such as in history and philosophy. Well, your Creator's knowledge is more than exact.  Spiritual knowledge is absolute knowledge of your Creator about you and your purpose, including His plans for prospering you and how your personal economy will flow out of your inner self with your cooperation and collaboration with Him inside your situations.

Wisdom Will Find You Knowledge of Witty Innovations

Your words inside your situations are so crucial that you can convey knowledge on new things that provide solutions on pertinent issues concerning intra-personal, interpersonal, group, organization and your community.  You acquire knowledge by your self-leadership to wisdom’s resources, by following your Intuition on a path until its conclusion. For example, you may know that your car has a powerful engine and you enjoy driving it. Do you think this information is enough for your purposes?

"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but within ourselves."

By William Shakespeare

"Your Life has the potential to fulfill your purpose. If however, you imprison that potential, you rob your life of its purpose and fulfillment."

By Dr. Myles Monroe

Lets take your car information example further. When you know the person who signed the engine and why he signed the engine, you get more lighting to your knowledge and can enlighten your friends.  Still if you met the engineer who signed the engine, you surely would have some interesting questions to ask.  Is that not a place you would rather be, talking to the person who built the horsepower in your car? The same applies with knowledge in reverse order.  Wisdom helps you to find your Creator so you can find original witty innovations specially kept for you.

Your Spiritual Knowledge Provides Tools to Fulfill Your Destiny

When you know that you do not feel empty after doing what you consider your calling right now, then you are doing what your destiny has purposed for you.  If, however, you feel empty no matter how nice or how much payment your are getting for your vocation or profession, then you know you need to sort this out fast.  Your best solution is for you to seek your Creator.  Your Creator will show you by revealing to you spiritual knowledge directly without your mind interfering with Him.  You use your mind to understand the knowledge provided by your intuition.

You have to Handle Creator-self-knowledge Differently

Intellectual Knowledge Flow

Take a look at the intellectual knowledge flow diagram...  In your Mind-Spirit-Heart method of working with knowledge your mind is always busy.  This is tiring on your mind, while under-utilizing your spirit and heart, and forcing you to work in self-harm mode.

Spiritual Knowledge Flow

Take a look at the spiritual knowledge flow diagram...  In your Spirit-Heart-Mind method of working with knowledge your mind rests while your spirit and your heart do work also.  The result is you are sharper, alert and working with creator-self-knowledge in self-rest mode

Can you see the difference in flow of knowledge above? Now, have a look at the three environments below.

Your spirit uses your Intimacy, Conscience and Intuition to sense spiritual motion and interact with spiritual citizens, events, processes, and phenomena.  You do have the capability to be efficient and effective in this environment.  Just decide to look straight to your Creator-self-knowledge until He acknowledges you. Your Creator will not ignore your gazing at Him. In fact your Creator has kept specific knowledge stored for you until you request it by pursuing Him.  He will also use various ways to provoke you to that sort of seeking action, including pressure in situations.

Spiritual Knowledge Makes Your Self-Awareness Development a Happy Journey

You will quickly notice that as you became more self aware, that you are a unique individual, you can be used or not used just like in a soccer match where you can be replaced by another player.  In the spirit you are the only one who must do your specific purpose of your life.  When you do not do your purpose, you are burdening creation and your owner, your Creator is grieved with your situation.  This is why your will hear  statements like "..the graveyard is the richest place you will ever find because many people lie there never having fulfilled their destinies." You must be happy for your Creator to be pleased in you as His mirror here in creation.  If you are not happy then your Creator is not happy and has to find ways of sending you Creator-self-knowledge to wake you up so that you can align to your purpose.

Now, Consider That Situation You Faced...

Did you notice that Creator-self-knowledge was the knowledge you needed for all your "11 players" to be all involved?

Did your wisdom find you knowledge of innovative ideas?

Did your spiritual knowledge prove to be a useful tool in that situation?

Were you able to handle your spiritual knowledge differently?

Did your spiritual knowledge make your self-awareness development useful in that situation?

Did you recognize your spiritual knowledge in that situation helping your self awareness development to be a happy journey?

If you said yes to any of the above questions it would be a good time to pause and reflect on what you can do to sharpen your response ability in that area.  If you would like to here from us when more articles become available feel free to send us your message on our contact us page or go directly to our What's New! page.

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