Your-self-efficacy is in Downloading, Installing and Configuring Your Inner Strength For Your Benefit

Your-self-efficacy is your behaviour mobilising that focuses and enables you to download, install, configure, and execute your inner-strength as your physical outward strength.  The inner strength you have is just amazing, in fact out of this world! Inner strength is not your physical strength. It is also not your soulical strength.  It is your original spiritual strength, the real spirit material components that you are actually formed from.  The more you grasp your being a spirit being - first and foremost - the more you unlock your inner strength. You know that things move in threes.  At the first or elementary you are a body (physique) being (your physique is matter which occupies space and has weight, albeit wired in a very sophisticated manner, better than artificial intelligence will ever achieve).  Notwithstanding that AI is an important milestone in the progressive development of humanity.  But of course your body houses some wonderful complexes.  At the second or intermediate level you are a soul being (refer to my discussion of self (will open in a new window)). Then at the third or advanced level you are a spirit being.  Here is the maths and physics of this thing.  Your inner strength stays in your spirit being. For you to have inner strength in your soul being, your soul being should kind of "download" inner strength from your spirit being. 

Move From Self-Efficacy to Your-Self-Efficacy

The trick, though, is that inner strength always remains the property of your spirit being. So do all the other multitude of properties of your spirit being. For example, believing is much like "installing" and "configuring" the "downloaded" inner strength, which remains the property of the owner  (your spirit) even when installed and configured for your use. When you do this you produce your-self-efficacy out of your inner used-to-be dormant self-efficacy.  Your self efficacy becomes that overriding force that causes you to get to do your-purpose
(will open in a new window), bringing it alive into your world.

You have Your Inner Strength To Act on Your Belief to Get to Your Destiny

If you recall your childhood to youth development, you actually believed you could do the things you did - good or bad.  Well, try to answer some of these questions. Where did your belief come from? Why were you able to do so good, so excellently at school, maybe socially, in sports, in cultural dances, in poetry, in being a prefect and so on? And now when you are older its seems as if whatever was pushing you has vanished.  On the contrary, nothing has vanished from you. You just lost your moral superiority over situations of life.  In the army, for example, they would use a phrase like "moral superiority over the enemy."  That is what is akin to what you have lost, even with many-fold powerful.  Its time for you to rekindle your-self-efficacy.  Here is a useful resource (will open in a new window) that will provoke your self efficacy by asking you some response-ability related questions in different awareness situations.

Rekindle That Child-Like Passion Again, and This Time Do Not Look Back

That childlike faith and passion you had is still with and inside you.  You are still the same person with all the guts, push get up and do attitude.  The difference is that when you were young your mind was not polluted with all sorts of fears as might be now due to all sorts of awareness-killer  situations you have been thrown into.  In other words your-self-efficacy was true, pure, and full of laudation always ready to go. But now your fears, either sometimes disguised as risks and issues in your own so-called risk analysis or just the lack of those that have been pushing and encouraging you, have become your worst nightmares throwing you into analysis paralysis. Each time you think about doing something you never finish analysing and get down to action.  Well, now you have no excuse.  Just get up and chase your dream.  It's yours to achieve!

Now, Consider That Situation You Faced...

Did you take note, as you got into tha situation, that your self efficacy was downloaded, installed, configured and ready for you to engage the situation?

Did you move from self efficacy closer to your self efficacy?

Did you allow your inner strength to enable you to act on your belief to go forward in that situation?

Or did you allow you child-like passion to be killed by that situation?

If you said yes to any of the above questions it would be a good time to pause and reflect on what you can do to sharpen your response ability in that area.  If you would like to here from us when more articles become available feel free to send us your message on our contact us page or go directly to our What's New! page.

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