Creator-self-understanding Fuels Your Inner Comprehension Levels

Creator-self-understanding gives you the ability to comprehend the creator-self-wisdom lighting up your inner knowledge, hindsight, insight and foresight for you to use in your physical environment.  You need understanding to quickly digest the wisdom you get and to use it for your benefit and the benefit of others around you before your lack of action "steals" your wisdom away.  This is why wisdom should guard your understanding, occasionally prompting you to action.

How Wisdom Connects to Understanding

Wisdom Leads You to Your Source's Ways of Understanding

You will quickly notice that its one thing to hear something and totally another thing to let what you have heard marinate you so that you and the information you have heard become one.  Understanding is like the marinating process for you.  Your source, Creator-self-wisdom, will reveal to you this dimension of understanding. She will guide you on how to get, keep and use this indispensable dimension, as you need this to effectively cooperate and collaborate your “11 players”.

Use Creator-self-understanding to Sharpen Your Response Ability to Grasp Events, Processes and Phenomena

You can use your response ability to hear and see knowledge, hindsight, insight and foresight flowing to you but not be capable of using that ability to understand for yourself.  This is why you are given space and time at varsity to study the knowledge, in form of lectures, tutorials and individual or group study time in terms of hours you cover on a particular module.  So, you must know what to study and how to study in order to be successful.  This principle holds true in your own self-awareness development.  You need to decide to study your Creator Who will focus you on grasping particular aspects of your 11 senses  - priority, position, role - including the events, processes and phenomena in all your environments - physical, soul, and spirit.

A Scenario to Best Illustrate Your Need To Spend Time on Studying

If you took 7 years in primary school, 5 years in secondary school, 3 to 4 years in tertiary and obtained your degree to earn X amount of dollars in salary, how long do think you will take to develop your spiritual understanding on your own? In this particular case how long do you think you will take to vertically and horizontally wrap your mind around your new normal of understanding spiritual realities? Can you see that you need a potent partner to help you make significant investments in your progress? The good news is that you can solve problems too by collaborate with your 7 dimensions. An example of solving problems using self-understanding is clearly explained here for you to see how to use self-understanding.

Methods You Can Use to Learn and Practice Your Understanding

You can pursue your understanding in two ways.  Firstly, you can study your spiritual environment and verify your studies of your spirit environment with events, processes and phenomena in the physical environment.  Secondly, as you develop in your first method, you can begin to use your progressively renewing intellect and emotions to relate physical events, processes and phenomena back to their spiritual counterparts. The principle that governs this interpretation is that there is nothing that happens in the physical environment that has not first been authorized in the spirit environment and comprehended in the soul environment.

Now, Consider That Situation You Faced...

Did your enlightenment of your Creator-self-understanding fuel your own understanding response ability?

Has wisdom led you to your special understanding?

Have you sharpened your response ability to grasp events, processes and phenomena in your 11 players in different environments?

Can you see a scenario illustrating your need for a potent partner to help your development?

Can you use the two methods to learn and practice your understanding for success?

If you said yes to any of the above questions it would be a good time to pause and reflect on what you can do to sharpen your response ability in that area.  If you would like to here from us when more articles become available feel free to send us your message on our contact us page or go directly to our What's New! page.

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