Gain Personal Advantage Over Every Situation with 16 Ways of Timeless Self-Identification

Long before you even came to your senses you had a self-identification document obtained for you by your parents. That document officially recognizes you as the citizen of your country. You then had access to many benefits…opening a bank account, getting into school, getting a driver’s license, and more… Little did you realize that all these identification documents or cards where just an introduction preparing you for your real identification system.

Self-identification is

"The attribution of certain characteristics or qualities to oneself".

The Oxford Dictionary

The Objective of Your Current Identities

Your citizenship identification and other IDs in this family are just introducing you to your self-identification. During your time thus far you have used anyone or all of the following identifications below.

Of course, these are not all the ID types available. You may have encountered some of these or even more IDs than are listed.  For example, if you have not visited jail you do not have a prison ID, even if it was for a small incident.  On the other hand, not everyone plays a sport to have a sports ID. You will have noticed that the consequences of doing something without a proper self-identification can potentially put you in trouble.

Your Core Identification Document is Mandatory

So you do have a national self-identification document.  For example, in the US you will call it the Green Card, in South Africa you call it an identity document or the latest version is called the smart ID card.  This identification is mandatory for you to be able to access other services such as getting employment and obtaining an employee ID.

Solidify Your Current Identity With Timeless Identifications That Will Amplify Your Success

Let me help you to transition from your current straightforward IDs to your excellent timeless identities. Allow me to give you an example by way of this story. The great statesman and son of the soil, Nelson Mandela went into prison as a stand against injustice and all forms of discrimination, including the right to have an authentic national ID not a Dom Pass as they called them during those days. So before prison he held a justice ID. Then he was put into prison. So against his will he was given a prison ID…

Mandela's 46664 Prison ID

But when He came out 27 years later, on his release from prison in addition to his hard fought independence ID he chose the forgiveness ID and reconciliation ID rather than the vengeance ID.  He was not forced to do this but he chose, using his self-leadership ID, understanding ID, and his personal wisdom ID, to walk in that spirit and today you and I and even many children know him and remember him in various ways.

Timeless IDs

This type of thought, decision and action sequence is based on the unconditional love self-identification that you can chose to walk in, in any situation that confronts you. The same goes with identities self-control, patience, joy, goodness, faith, humility, peace, and gentleness. These are timeless identities you can practice in any situation and in particular combinations to unlock maximum benefits for you and everyone else you care about. But that is not the end.

Your 7 Dimensions provide You With Your Foundational Self-Identification System

Your original identity set is actually inside your 7 dimensions. You might represent your identity set like this. For example, Mandela's leadership ID, personal wisdom ID, understanding ID,  counseling ID, power ID, knowledge ID and honor and respect ID gained and refined over 27 years of solitary confinement played a pivotal role in his decision making.  This means you start with self-leadership long before you can lead anyone.  Again, the example of the great leader, Nelson Mandela demonstrates that he first had to lead himself in forgiving his jailers before leading others to forgiveness and indeed the whole nation.

The 16 Identities in alignment

Knowing that you can attribute all these 16 dimensions and qualities to yourself, how you express each one as a part of you will determine your response ability which can range between bankruptcy and potency.

So Now, Recall That Situation Where You Needed to Apply Your Potent Identification set...

Did you gain personal advantage over that situation?

Did you see your current identities helping you to overcome?

Which ones of your IDs did you make most use of in the situation?

Did you use your foundational identification system?

Looking back at the situation, do you see where you could have used certain IDs better than others?

If you said yes to any of the above questions it would be a good time to pause and reflect on what you can do to sharpen your response ability in that area.  If you would like to here from us when more articles become available feel free to send us your message on our contact us page or go directly to our What's New! page.

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