Take Time to Grasp Any Situation and then Serve Your-Expressiveness

There are a wide array of situations that require specific ways of your-expressiveness. For example, a situation could present a context for you to express yourself as an individual through, for example, your purpose, your-personal-identity, shared-identity, your-values, your-emotions, your-goals, your-motives and other qualities, while another situation will present a context where your individual expression is not required or is not the first thing you need to do, rather it is your group's expression that is required. In other words you as the individual should express your shared-identity, and not your personal-identity. This is a quality of your-expressiveness, where you learn to master how you rise or subdue yourself based on your surmising of the situation.  Your accuracy in reading the situation depends on how rested you are.

Move From Self Expressiveness to Your Expressiveness

Your expressiveness genuinely comes from your self-rest strength to enable you to correctly communicate your responses to situations that arise either planned or abrupt, it does not matter.  what matters is your expression of what is true, good, pure, honourable and commendable.  The American Novelist has referred to your-expressiveness as passing your communication (will open in a new window).

The Most Challenging Situations Are The Abrupt Situations

An abruptly challenging situation is a situation that arises suddenly and unexpectedly with the intent to force you to display a low or negative expression leading to unprofitable consequences not only to you but to your group or team as well.  It is like an ambush in the military sense.  An ambush always carries the element of surprise to those who are being ambushed.  For example, in many sporting codes you don’t expect your opponent to try to injure you deliberately or intentionally.  In a family context you sometimes don't expect that the first things your kid will ask you even while you are still trying to park your car is a big request or a critical-matter to them that needs your immediate attention. In such cases your expressiveness is challenged and immediately called upon.  The main challenge is that such situations tend to trigger your reaction rather than your response side of your personality.  The solution, though easier spoken than done, is always to consider life as a surprise then prepare to respond to any surprise.

Responding to Challenging Situations

Your ability to respond to challenging situations frequently has nothing to do, at least initially, with your core technical skills, expertise or experience.  Those are your hard core abilities unless of course the situation demands you to respond using those types of skills and expertise.  But for the abrupt-ambush-type situations, that happen mostly in competitive, employment and business environments, you need soft and invisible skills, your-expressiveness, developed as an art form to successfully respond.

What is Your-Expressiveness Success In a Situation

By your-expressiveness success we mean the result of your response that is profitable both for you and your group or team not only in the now but also that the repercussions are favourable for you and your group or team. One such skill is what i refer to as contrition, the ability to be present and absent in a situation all at the same time.  For example you are present literally and absent figuratively or vice versa. If these two - literal and figurative can co-exist in a single situation at the same time, then its an excellent thing.  So if ambush is the literal then you may switch your response to the ambush to the figurative and your response will go to address the ambush (the literal) in a figurative form. Here is an interesting question. Which part of your tripartite being plays the literal  role  and which part plays the figurative role in the above scenario? Using this method you deflect your reaction since you now know that life is a series of ambushes and not a series of normalcies.

Now, Consider That Situation You Faced...

Do you take time to grasp the context of any situation before you express yourself?

Have you moved from self expressiveness to your expressiveness?

Do you treat every situation as an abrupt situations?

Are you responding to challenging situation, rather than react?

Do you prepare for your expressiveness success in any situation?

If you said yes to any of the above questions it would be a good time to pause and reflect on what you can do to sharpen your response ability in that area.  If you would like to here from us when more articles become available feel free to send us your message on our contact us page or go directly to our What's New! page.

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