Your-Personal-Identity is What Proves Who You Really Are

Your-personal-identity is that which proves beyond doubt who you really are and where you belong.  This identity is your mirror into were you come from and therefore who you must become here on earth in order to inherit your future.  When you have finally become one with your personal identity, your-personal-identity drives you to identify yourself in any situation as such.  This is a very powerful entity that proves first and foremost where you are from and secondly that you have a type of access and belonging to some particular family, place, team, organisation, company or a unique or general service or indeed that you are the patriarch or leader of such an entity.  To access these things you will have to go where the things are located and initially provided and then prove your specific identity so that whoever is responsible there will grant you access.  However, when you have been granted access, you then need your other personal qualities to derive benefit from your resultant access. 

Move From Self-Identity to Your-Personal-Identity

It is your personal undelegatable challenge that in the process of your self-development you should move from self-identity (identity in itself) to your personal identity (identity for yourself) - actively owning and living according to your identity, which defines you and enables you to rest. While on this site you will learn how to live out your personal identity in practice, you can read more about the philosophy of personal identity here.  Here, though, you will learn how to take ownership of your personal identity.  Once you discover your identity you will confirm to yourself the benefits of moving from self identity to your personal identity.  No one will need to tell you anything you do not already know when you have personalised your identity.

Think of Your-Personal-Identity as a "Key"

You cannot own anything without having the keys to that thing.  In general you link your-personal-identity with other personal qualities to build a potent combination that allows you to participate in any activity and to choose which situations to participate in, in any situation to which you belong and have access.  In fact you could also initiate situations for you to advance your own personal identity.  Please see self-identification for some example identities.  You will notice that these identities are very elementary.  But as you get to intermediate and advanced forms of your identities, as we will discuss, you begin to appreciate the importance of those identities that are more hidden and invisible but central to successfully driving your more outwardly manifest forms of identity.

Your Keys Give You Access Only, Not Yet Belonging and Opportunity

Take an example of the gym you go to.  Your personal identity to the gym gives you access to the gym facilities. But if you have never done physical exercise before then you need some help.  Maybe a training instructor might help, in which case you need to associate your-personal-identity with your chosen training instructor's identity. In addition you will develop some personal gym goals and a comprehensive gym plan that includes exercise, diet possibly with supplements, rest and other things.  This is just an example.  You might go about this in totally a different way.  So, you now have three things interlinked: your personal identity, the instructors identity and your-physique that deals with developing your physical quotient.  There is an infinite number of inter-linkages between all available personal qualities of a human being if you view them from the three sets of realms that a human being participates in - physical, soul, and spirit.

You Have different Keys - How Well Can You Use Them?

Some of your personal identities are straight forward and can almost be neglected.  Take these for example: you are a student, you can be seen on social media, you work for a particular company, you might have spend time in the military, and you participate in a particular sporting code.  All these activities are saying to you that you are capable of doing something bigger - your mission.  How well you can use your keys will depend on how well you can identify, lock-in and use the inter-linkages and inter-connections between them.  This is why they are assembled together in the form of a soccer ball.  If you give a soccer ball to children they don't come back to you wanting you to tear up the ball and share the pieces. They will just come and cry out to you for help if one of them is not playing with the others.  So, even children know the oneness of the ball.

Now, Consider That Situation You Faced...

Do you understand and know who you really are through your personal identity?

Are you able to distinguish between self-identity and your personal identity?

Do you think of your personal identity as a unique key?

Do you recognise the access levels that your keys give you?  What about the limitations of your keys?

How well are you making use of all the keys you have at your disposal?

If you said yes to any of the above questions it would be a good time to pause and reflect on what you can do to sharpen your response ability in that area.  If you would like to here from us when more articles become available feel free to send us your message on our contact us page or go directly to our What's New! page.

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