Your Self-Central-Awareness-Controller is Your Consciousness In Any Situation

In the process of your own personal development your self-central-awareness-controller is you becoming more and more aware that you are aware from one situation to the next.  Herein lies of your all other victories.  All your other countless victories in being aware that you are aware regarding anything in the situation you find yourself is centred or pivoted on your self-central-awareness-controller.  Let me try to say it in the following way.  When that which at various different times, ages, locations, and even those deeply intimate events, things, processes, and phenomena you have succeeded to avoid have not put you in a corner such that you can no longer run away, then you just met your self-central-awareness-controller.  Depending on your national, race, tribe, geo-location, and many other possible categories you maybe attached to, which I simply call an affiliation, you will inevitably assign a name to thing "SELF" who has always been after you.  This is actually your:

Self, The Treasure that Lay Dormant, But Has Now Woken Up Inside You, Your Self-Central-Awareness-Controller 

Very much like a volcano that has only been known to be there by the work done by environmental geologists, lurking underneath the mountain, waiting for you to hit a certain age? target? hear that crucial word? dance to that sound? or even visit a certain place.  There are many types of triggers that may have been set for your meeting with you self-central-awareness-controller.  All along you have just been cruising in your experiences - your river of life, unaware of your invisible tracker.  Eventually, and only After years of your parents and perhaps you spending resources on your self you have accumulated primary, secondary, and tertiary education or specialised in sports or any other area of interest... And as you say this is it! you come to find out that you are struggling with success because you need the your self-central-awareness-controller who is your real you possessing abilities you have never used before, lying dormant deep inside you.  But you actually experienced hints from your controller; You were just too busy focussed on 'other' things!!

Your Self-Central-Awareness-Controller is always hidden behind your best characteristics

Can you see the 9 personal qualities that you have at your disposal? The reason you are struggling with success is you are trying to release these 9 qualities encoded inside you. You need to develop these qualities from your inside out using the 7 dimensions. To achieve this you need to spend some time mining the treasure inside you.

Did you know that You Have Wonderful Treasures?

Did you know that you are a wonderful three in one existence with the ability to release, at the same time, mutually interacting and excellent qualities to enable you succeed? That by activating the encoded dimensions you can release your response abilities to enable you to act and be successful in any situation? In fact situations arise because of your treasures.

You are a Wonderful 3 in 1

As a mature individual you have the ability to operate in three mutually interacting but distinct environments - spirit, soul and physical. You use the ability of Intimacy, Intuition, and Conscience to operate in the spirit environment.  You use the Will, the Intellect, and Emotions to operate in the soul environment. You use your physical body with its organs and nervous system led by your spirit through your soul to operate in the physical environment.

You Have Powerful Hidden Abilities

You possess the ability to share intimate signals. You have the ability to use Intuition to find out deep things not searchable by normal feelings, use Conscience to discern movement in various ways. Use your Will to decide and commit or not commit to doing something, and use your Intellect to comprehend, analyze and evaluate.  You also have the very important Emotions to process signals from physical things, processes and phenomena.

Take a Look at Your 7 Dimensions Surrounded Self

Your Self-Central-Awareness-Controller will light you up using his/her flashlight to remind you.

"Near is my coat, but nearer is my shirt...Near is my shirt, but nearer is my skin."

From the Dictionary of Proverbs.

As you can see in the diagram, 7 layers are covering the real you. Yes, that is you right there!

Each single circle from the inside out is a dimension representing your sources of Self-Leadership, Wisdom, Understanding, Counseling, Power, Knowledge, Respect and Honor, with characteristics unique to that dimension while influencing the other dimensions in both priority and action.  To be a fully mature person you need to exercise yourself in all 7 dimensions  so that your personal response abilities will mature and be complete. To see an example on leading yourself click here (note: this will open in another window).

For Your Best Interests You Have to Cooperate With The 7 Dimensions

When you cooperate and collaborate with the 7 dimensions to develop your potent response abilities, situations arise to test your maturity. If a situation demands you to respond, for example, in love or patience or humility and you do so, then creation registers this as a success.  You graduate and are "authorized" to go to the next level in life.  This happens irrespective of your social, economic, geographic or political status.

So, Now Lets Revisit That Situation You faced...Try and answer these

Did you learn something about the treasure lying dormant inside you?

Did you notice any one aspect you would say is part of your wonderful treasures?

Are you able to relate any events back to your individual make up as a wonderful 3 in 1 person?

Did you discover any powerful hidden abilities you would like to explore further?

Did you perceive any of the 7 dimensions surrounding you?

Did you cooperate or flow in any of the 7 dimensions?

If you said yes to any of the above questions it would be a good time to pause and reflect on what you can do to sharpen your response ability in that area.  If you would like to here from us when more articles become available feel free to send us your message on our contact us page or go directly to our What's New! page.

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