Creator-self-wisdom Powers Your Release of the Synergy Potential Amongst Your "11 players"

Creator-self-wisdom is the brilliant sight into the original Creator’s architecture of your world. This sight is divided into three – hindsight, insight, and foresight. You know that well-known product brands always leave a signature on their products.  Some famous car brand, like the one you are driving, allow their engineers to sign their names on an engine they have produced.  The signature lasts for as long as the car.  This should indicate to you that your Creator has signed you as His creature.  Wisdom is the hidden signature of your Creator embedded deep inside you.

Creator-self-wisdom is Your Creator's Signature Inside You

Just like you open your car's engine to find the signature encoded by the engineer who built that engine, so also you should seek in your inner self to identify and begin a process of comprehending the many signatures of your Creator's wisdom inside you.  Your wisdom source is outside you, just like the engineer is not in the engine when you drive your car.  Just like It is the engineer's signature that is inscribed in your moving car’s engine, so also you have your Creator self wisdom inscribed in you to show off.

Wisdom Leads Your Player's Effective Cooperation and Collaboration

Wisdom is your collaboration engine to mature your 7 dimensions which delivers the quality required in your love, kindness, joy, peace, goodness, for your potency in situations. Look at the central role of wisdom in the relationship established below...

Wisdom Has Impact on Your Other Dimensions

So, when this controlling power - Creator-self-wisdom - lights all your 11 senses in your spirit, soul, and body or physical environments, the result is your inward eyes begin to see conscience, intuition and intimacy as depicted in the diagram...

Your Ability to Exercise Prudence is also Sponsored by Wisdom

When you access the high levels of Creator-self-wisdom you also acquire a constraint like that of accountants who are taught to be conservative when accounting for assets or expenses as they work with money.  You can also apply prudence in every area of your relationships and interactions, which occur in situations you find yourself in. For example, your ability to restrain your lips is your display of prudence with words and you will avoid unnecessary trouble coming your way. In the same breath you should be prudent with the truth, because the truth will set you free.

Wisdom Will Find You Knowledge of Witty Innovations

Your words are so crucial that you can convey knowledge on new things that provide solutions on pertinent issues concerning intra-personal, interpersonal, group, organization and community.  You acquire knowledge by your self-leadership to wisdom’s resources.  You follow an idea on a path until its logical conclusion. For example, you may know that your car has a powerful engine and you enjoy driving it.  But when you know the person who signed the engine and why he signed the engine, you get more lighting to your knowledge and can enlighten your friends.  Still if you met the engineer who signed the engine, you surely would have some interesting questions to ask.  Is that not a place you would rather be, talking to the person who built the horsepower in your car? The same applies with wisdom.  Seek your Creator and you will find original witty innovations.

Wisdom Leads You to Your Source's Ways of Understanding

You will quickly notice that its one thing to hear something and totally another thing to let what you have heard marinate you so that you and the information you have heard become one.  Understanding is like the marinating process for you.  Your source, Creator-self-wisdom, will reveal to you this dimension of understanding. She will guide you on how to get, keep and use this indispensable dimension, as you need this to effectively cooperate and collaborate your “11 players”.

Wisdom will Connect You to Counsel

Counsel is your guidance from within.  When all your “11 players” are lighted up, counsel now occupies the highways connecting each player to the others.  Your decisions to go, stop doing something or start doing are all triggered by counsel.  Counsel will also cause you to maneuver in real time.  This is why you should learn to work from self-rest of your spirit, soul, and body.  Your rested mode is your key to hearing your proceeding strategy and tactics in the most critical of situations through your collaborating “11 players”.

Your Power Utilization Is Driven By Your Wisdom

Your position of power in a situation is given to you by your original Creator architecture.  When you are in that position in a situation, it is because your Source has caused your position of leadership or ruler-ship to be given to you.  This is the power that allows your conscience to judge between right and wrong, governing your “11 players” to diligently seek and receive hindsight, insight and foresight early even before a situation arises.

Your Start and Continued Respect and Honor in Situations is Driven by Wisdom

Your ability to honor and respect stakeholders in any situation is born out of creator-self-wisdom.  In fact this is just the beginning of your ability to apply wisdom successfully.  You can allow the instruction of your “11 players” in respect and honor of each other.  When you achieve this you now can produce a potent cooperation and collaboration amongst the “11 players” to win in the 9 personal qualities display in any situation.

Now, Consider That Situation You Faced...

Did you release your synergy potential amongst all your "11 players"?

Do you realize that your wisdom in that situation was your Creator's Signature?

Do you realize that wisdom underlies your player's effective cooperation and collaboration?

Do you realize that your ability to exercise prudence was also sponsored by wisdom?

Do you realize that you can find you knowledge of witty innovations?

Do you realize that you are led to obtain and use special understanding?

Do you realize that you will be connected to counsel?

Do you realize that your power utilization is driven by wisdom?

Do you realize that you start and continue respect and honor in a situation purely by being driven?

If you said yes to any of the above questions it would be a good time to pause and reflect on what you can do to sharpen your response ability in that area.  If you would like to here from us when more articles become available feel free to send us your message on our contact us page or go directly to our What's New! page.

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