Your-Motives Come From Your- Values

Your-motives emanate from your-values to become your behaviour drivers. Think about this a little bit.  If you think you have a specific purpose here on earth and you think your purpose is unique to you and you alone, then you will spend all your energies focusing on aligning your-personal-identify, your-values, your-emotions, your-goals, your-motives, and your-expression to your purpose. When you achieve this alignment a whole new world opens up to you.  So in this way your motives are simply your reason and drivers for doing things. Your reasons for doing what you are doing cannot be separated from your values because you are striving to open hitherto unopened worlds.  There is no person who does not have values, just like there is no car that moves without a driver. Even driver-less cars are driven by the technology innovations inside the car.  Its either you are conscious of your values or you are unconscious of your values.

From Self-Motives to Your-Motives

You have inside you an exciting synergy, just like inside the soccer ball, that balances your-motives against other personal development qualities. That is why your transition from self-motives to your motives is so important to the sustainability of the balance in your personal qualities ball.  Your values are the ultimate drivers of motives for your actions.  For example, If your inbuilt value is love, you will always have love as your motive at the front of your action, no matter what type of situation you find yourself in.

Your Best Foot Forward Is to Adopt Your Values as Your-Motives

Adopting your values as your-motives and then your action drivers is simply a way of saying that in the process of becoming aware you will move from being unconscious of your motives to being conscious of your motives.  But your motives have been in you all along.  Whats the difference? Consciousness.  That is what is the big difference.  This is why your child can ask you a question or make a statement that makes you think: where did that come from? you wonder!  That's where your-motives are, hidden inside you.  Your values become your motives.  Learning about motives, values, goals, identity is simply the process of you becoming conscious of your drivers.  So when you adopt what seems to come naturally to you is because you already had it inside you - your lights just came on with regard to that particular motive.

Be Committed to Your Motives by Focusing on Motive-Awareness in Situations

You might prefer to develop your self-awareness from specific motives.  One of the results of developing your self-awareness is that you begin to know yourself better - motive-awareness.  Once you know yourself better you can make better informed decisions.  Once you make better informed decisions you can act more decisively to implement your decisions.  This in turn will bring better results in achieving your-goals as you will readily appreciate the understanding of motives (opens in new window) as a leader to achieve successful outcomes.  Remember, you need to mobilise your actions in such a way that you will channel your energies to do the things that you need to do to produce the results that satisfy your-goals.  That is your commitment to your motives.

Allow Your Motives To Drive You To Achieve Self-Regulation in Situations

You might prefer to develop your self-regulation from specific motives.  One of the results of developing your self-regulation is that you know how to control yourself better in a situation.  Your focus on goals and objectives is more sharper, because by definition focus means to ignore all other things and keep your eyes only on that one thing you are doing.  As a result you choose which emoticons to respond to in situations and to ignore all others.  Once you can regulate yourself better using various techniques you can see more positive consequences from your better informed focused decisions.  Your positive consequences are feeding into your overall achievements which contribute to you reaching your-goals.  Such regulated achievements are the result of your motive forces.

Allow Your Motives To Drive You To Achieve Self-Development in Situations

In a similar way you focus on your self-awareness and self-regulation, you focus on your self-development in different areas of your life - education, social, economic, financial, political, ideological, military, government, business, sports, culture, traditional.  self-development all depends on your area or areas you focus to develop.  You could also be focusing on special personal areas such as family, spiritual, health and fitness, church, social, community.  When you begin to focus your self-development efforts on more than one goal affecting two or more areas simultaneously, for example education, social, financial and fitness then you begin initially to face the inter-linking challenges but with time and experience gained you will begin to see better inter-linked results.

Now, Consider That Situation You Faced...

Have you made your values to become your motives?

Have you moved from self motives to your motives?

Have you adopted your values as your motives?

Do you commit to your motives by focusing on your motive-awareness in situations?

Are your motives driving you to achieve self-regulation in situations?

Are your motives driving you to achieve self-development in situations?

If you said yes to any of the above questions it would be a good time to pause and reflect on what you can do to sharpen your response ability in that area.  If you would like to here from us when more articles become available feel free to send us your message on our contact us page or go directly to our What's New! page.

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