Your-Achieve is Shown By Your Results - Positive or Negative!

Your-achieve is the evidence of your tangible spiritual, supernatural or natural self regulating results that can range from your outright win to lessons well harvested from awareness situations.  When you are committed to do things until they succeed you imply that the bottom line is that everyday you must do something purposeful.  The goodness of life is that everyone has 24 hours.  It does not matter where you are.  Your challenge is to think in terms of achieving something, however small you might think it is.  It is not the size of what you want to achieve that matters initially.  It is for you to cultivate good thinking, deciding and acting habits in the sequence I have written them.  So, again, you have to think, decide and act to product a result.  When you finish the action and your results directly come after your action then you have achieved what you set yourself to do.  When you are targeting to reach a particular goal, the size or magnitude of work you have to do has little meaning for you because you are focussing on your-goal.  This is the reason why you cannot afford not to have your own goals.

Move From Self-Achieve to Your-Achieve

Your achieve is to import your self-achievement so that you own that achievement.  Your achieve is your ownership of purposeful work where the milestone is the results that matches your own goals, period.  When you do purposeful work you are automatically committed to achieving your goals.  Your best achieve line should be "By this time ... I should have done ..." or "By the time I drink my second cup of coffee, I should have done ..." or use the negative to push yourself to the positive, like "If I am not done with this by 2pm, I am not going to the gym!"

Your-Achieve is to Cultivate The Habit of Celebrating Small Victories

Celebrating small victories is for your own motivation to keep up that boldness and courage momentum on the highest levels.  Say for example your-achieve at the gym is fitness. Say you have set yourself a goal to buy yourself something as simple as a shake if you spend 1 hour consistently doing your exercise programme for two weeks.  You can set these types of goals for yourself for a week, fourth night and a month.  Its advisable to stick to a month as your benchmark timeframe for reviewing bigger goal achievements.  A simple planning question you want to ask yourself at the beginning of every month for each goal is "How much can I do of this by the end of the month?" Write all you need to be done by month end and start doing. Be realistic to yourself, but also put yourself under a little bit of pressure. A bit of pressure is always good to keep you on the straight and narrow. If you do this you are doing what some people call self-leadership.  

Your-Achieve is to Enjoy Visualising The Big Goal Drawing Nearer

Of course you should know that in the example of exercising, you do not exercise just for the sake of exercising.  You exercise maybe in order to compete in some sports, or be fit to pick up heavy weight or to look good and feel good, all to contributing to your health.  This is why you should always see the small goals you are doing now in the context of the bigger goals you are aiming to achieve in one year, or two years or five years or ten years time.  I call this aligning your smaller goals to your big goals.  The more you do and achieve your small goals the more you see the big goals coming nearer to you.  When this happens your motivation, your courage, and your commitment increase to the point of unstoppable. Have a look at some of these achievement quotes (note: will open in a new window) to see some visualisations 

Now, Consider That Situation You Faced...

Did you take some time to really see your results?

Did you notice that goal setting is actually easier when you set and do?

Did you celebrate your small victory or your lesson learnt?

Did you take some time to visualize your big goal getting nearer?

Self awareness development situations is here to enable you to get your victories and keep your victories. So that when you overcome a situation you will keep overcoming it's manifestations because you utilise very potent tools to succeed. This is your formidable challenge in life. It is normal! You will go through such challenges several times in your life. You will come to realize that whether it was during your childhood, teenage, youth, young adult, adult or old-age the same tools remain potent for your success - your continual upgrade of your self awareness development.

If you said yes to any of the above questions it would be a good time to pause and reflect on what you can do to sharpen your response ability in that area.  If you would like to here from us when more articles become available feel free to send us your message on our contact us page or go directly to our What's New! page.

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