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Verbalize Your Action, Issue #099 - Overload Your-Motives To Control
May 31, 2019

May 31st 2019 #099

Overload Your-Motives To Control Them

Overloading Your-Motives Center With Yet More Personal Qualities

Overload, as a concept, has huge applications in software programming - the style called Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). This is where we first met the idea.

In the previous newsletters, we showed you more personal qualities to overload (that term again!!) your centering around your motives.

The question is why overload? And the answer is because you want to control your-motives to grow in the right direction of mature fulfillment, of purity, justness, and goodness to yourself and to others.

Here is yet another centering around your-motives, but using yet another combination of personal qualities - your-resilience and your-self-efficacy.

Here is the verbalization you want to add to the center of your-motives. Verbalize: "Your Name" walks inside your-motives (YM) engaging Your-Resilience (YR) all girded by your-self-efficacy (YSE) The standing verbalization, which you overload is:

"Your Name" walks inside your-personal-identity(YPI) based in your-motives (YM) all girded by your-self-control (YSC)

Now, you can visualize this interplay in your mind like in the following diagram.

These spheres all intersect at one personal quality, your-motives. Using your-motives as the connector, have a look at the intersection, carefully, on the interconnected venn diagrams.

Yourmotives-centered-awareness is reflected in the dimensions you can flow through. Here are your five dimensions.

1) YSC, YM, YR 2) YPI, YM, YSE 3) YR, YM, YSE 4) YPI, YM, YSC 5) YPI, YSC, YM, YSE, YR Notice that YM is always part of any of your flows - the center is always included.

So your-motives need your resilience, your-self-efficacy, your-personal-identity, and your-self-control, all this "playing" is in your mind - keeping your motives pure, just, and good and growing your mental strength to become a strong soul.

Now, Imagine How Beneficial This Awareness (In Real-Time) is For You

Verbalize moremotives-centered-awareness With Another Option Like...

Note: Remember to Replace The Words "Your Name", "Your", "You" with Your Actual Name and Then Verbalize Your Formulation!

Your Next Newsletter is About Further Integrating Your Atmospheres For Your-Increasing-Awareness

Look forward to more on Awareness Situation's Series on your awareness consciousness of personal qualities chart - The PQ Chart.

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