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Verbalize Your Action, Issue #069 - How To Improve Awareness
November 02, 2018

November 2nd 2018 #069

How To Improve Awareness Consciousness

Get Into Your Progressively Newest Orbit of Consciousness by Allowing Yourself to Walk Inside Your-emotions Driven by Your-identity

Here is one way you could set your words right about your emotions. This is how you can verbalize (speak, whether in your heart or your mouth) your mental walk to yourself so that you can better influence and support your doing of what you just said.

Out of The 6 Drawings Above ...

Choose a drawing that best represents your-emotions and then allow (this implies you humbling yourself to...) yourself to be driven by your-personal-identity to choose a drawing that best represents your-identity, and perhaps add to this Your-Shared-Identity

Lastly, Let All Be Wrapped Up In

your-motives and by this we mean your pure good motives, not ulterior bad motives.

Verbalise Improve-Awareness-Consciousness

Make Real-time Consciousness of Your Emotions In Situations Your Awareness Priority!

Note: Replace The Words "Your Name", "Your" with Your Actual Name

Your Next Newsletter is About How To Walk Inside Your-Values

Look forward to more on Awareness Situation's Series on your awareness consciousness of these seemingly invisible qualities,

But are they not the real deal in this world of ours?

Continue Your Self Awareness Development

Learn Some More "How Tos" In Our New Self-Leadership Course

Self-Leadership By Your Own Precision Words for Beginner's

Though speaking or talking or singing or instructing yourself, in and of its self, is not both sufficient and enough to get you where you need to operate from as a tripartite being, it is a very necessary and important thing for you to train yourself in.

In this course I show you how to teach yourself to speak precisely, especially where your words need to procure life!

So take a preview of the course by visiting Self-Leadership By Your Own Precision Words for Beginner's at Udemy.

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