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Verbalize Your Action, Issue #080 - How To Add to Your Intelligence
January 18, 2019

January 18th 2019 #080

Be Conscious of Your Emotions-Identity-Motives Mental Atmosphere

You Have Verbalized. Imagine That You Are Now In Your Mind's Emotions-Identity-Motives Atmosphere

For you to get to that mental place you need the place to give you access or someone who knows or has 'access rights' to open that emotions-identity-motives door of yours and welcome you into the place in such a way that you would like to walk in around there.

Once the doors are open to you, you perceive the place with your physical senses and may even be wowed by the place you have come to. You may even say something about the place depending on what you perceive.

This means the place kind of engulfs you into itself so that you become a part and parcel of the place.

So next time you repeat the words in the following verbalization you should create a visualisation, in your mind, of the atmosphere in the place where you are walking right now.

Now Imagine The 3 Dimensional (Emotions-Identity-Motives) Atmosphere You Created And Are Now Walking Inside

Make sure, in your mind, that you convert the image you see into an atmospheric visual of your-emotions from your chosen image and then apply your senses to feel and embrace the good emotional atmosphere. Make sure, in your mind, to add to your emotional atmosphere Your-Personal-Identity perceptions via your chosen picture and then apply your senses to try and pick up the enhancement of your emotional atmosphere with your personal identity atmospheric component. Make sure, in your mind, that all your above atmospheric role players are surrounded by your-motives atmosphere.

When you find yourself inside this composite 3 dimensional atmosphere you are strengthening your emotions-identity-motives intelligence to handle your relevant situations.

Here is Your Next-Order Verbalization For Your-emotionsIdentityMotives-Atmosphere Building Block

Make Real-time Consciousness of Your-EmotionsIdentityMotives-Atmosphere In Situations Your Awareness Priority!

Note: Replace The Words "Your Name", "Your", "You" with Your Actual Name and Then Verbalize It!

Your Next Newsletter is About Being Conscious of Your Values-Resilience-Courage-Atmosphere

Look forward to more on Awareness Situation's Series on your awareness consciousness of personal qualities chart - The PQ Chart.

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