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Verbalize Your Action, Issue #079 - How To Improve Your Intelligence
January 11, 2019

January 11th 2019 #079

How To Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

You Realise Intelligent Response By Constructing Intelligence Building Blocks

You realise intelligent response by constructing intelligence building blocks in any aspect of your life, such as studying to build your career.

Do the same for your emotional intelligence.

By the time any awareness situation calls upon your-emotional-intelligence, your-emotional-intelligence "self-development" is mature sufficiently and enough to not react but respond to the situations demands for your own benefit.

Here is one way you could put in place your emotional intelligence development. Take your-emotions and laying hold (in your mind) of the seat of your emotions, allow yourself to walk inside your-personal-identity . You cannot lose your "head" (that is your mind) if you hide your-emotions inside who you are (your-personal-identity).

Then let all your emotions and your personal identity be tightly wrapped in your-motives

Have a closer look at the following verbalisation and the images associated with the verbalisation.

Make sure, in your mind, that you paste your-emotions to your chosen picture. Make sure, in your mind, that you paste Your-Personal-Identity on your chosen picture and then ponder upon this combination. Make sure, in your mind, that all your above action efforts are surrounded by the image that represents your-motives .

Select 3 Images ...

Have you chosen an image that best represents your-emotions and then pondered upon this image. This is an incremental creative process or mental gym in which you grow from one session to the next.

Now, check that you have followed similar steps to do your-personal-identity and similar steps to do your-motives

By Now You Already Know How To Use The AEBOD Acronym

Your combination of these 3 personal qualities in this sequence is what matters. Combine your-emotions , your-personal-identity , and be girded by your-motives .

when you find yourself inside your emotional intelligence demanding situations?"

Verbalise Your-EmotionalIntelligence-Awareness

Make Real-time Consciousness of Your-EmotionalIntelligence-Awareness In Situations Your Awareness Priority!

Note: Replace The Words "Your Name", "Your", "You" with Your Actual Name and Then Verbalize It!

Your Next Newsletter is How To Walk Inside Your-Values Based On Your-Goals

Look forward to more on Awareness Situation's Series on your awareness consciousness of personal qualities chart - The PQ Chart.

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