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Verbalize Your Action, Issue #027 - Your Situations Shared Identity
December 15, 2017

December 15th 2017 #027

Become Friends with The Situations You Find Yourself In

We are always in situations, that's it!

In fact situations are so pervasive in our lives so much so that without situations there is no meaning to this thing we call life.

When we were conceived we found selves in a pregnancy situation.

When we were born we found ourselves in an after birth situation.

When our moms kissed us for the first time, even if we did not understand anything, we found ourselves in a loving situation.

When we first went to cretch we found ourselves in a care situation, a daycare situation.

And so we have moved on in life, situation after situation.

This I call your situations-shared-identity.

Situations Are Frequent Visitors Who Come To Check Your Awareness

Think about this for a minute. If life is a series of situations and life moves from birth to glory then when a situation arises, invoking a situations-shared-identity, in our lives it gives us the opportunity to move forward towards our glory.

Situations do not need our permission to arise, continue occurring or stop happening.

But situations do require our personal awareness and response so that we can successfully deal with the circumstances that present themselves inside those situations.

As A Visitor The Situation Comes to Reveal Your Level Of Awareness

This is one of the most frequent questions posed by many situations, many times in the course of our travel from birth to glory.

The question is "Are You Aware, Now?

How each one of us responds to the question in our various occupations, specialities, disciplines, and social groups depends on our level of maturity in every awareness.

The more mature we are in our self awareness development the better and more gracefully measured our response is, irrespective of the circumstances that a situation chooses to throws at us.

Respond With Awareness Inside Situations

Here is an interesting verbalization for you to ponder upon and mediate on and continue verbalizing to raise your situations-shared-identity

Self Awareness Development

Be Conscious of the AEBOD In Your Teams

Now its time to get on using the key - AEBOD your teams.

To read more on shared identity please go to Your-Shared-Identity

My Awareness Situations Blog

If You Want to Know What's New!

I periodically release articles on self awareness development situations focusing on how you can overcome in any situation you find yourself in.

There are more articles that you will find useful for your own self awareness development.

Your latest awareness challenge is to read up on

Your-Achieve Or if you want to find out about all that's new please head over to awareness situations blog at My Awareness Situations Blog While still on the same page you may subscribe to awareness situations RSS feeds or use this Awareness RSS Feed

The Tools I Use - What is SBI?

Productivity Depends on Process, Tools & Teams

Why Do I Use SBI?

One day during my MBA studies I realised that as an employee and a best practices consultant in software development it was common practice to quickly learn a tool, process and tool guides, write a certification exam, become certified and get out to tell other companies what and how they should deploy software solutions to make profit or gain competitive advantage

Then I discovered a question for myself. Why don't I develop my own products? I guess that was the best thing I learnt from my MBA studies. Of course the MBA instigated this behaviour in me. My MBA thesis supplied the business concept and material. Now I needed to get down to productivity.

After a long research for the best in class tools for personal application, I found SBI. Initially I was sceptical, but as I explored the SBI process, the tools and the core SBI support team including the more than 380 business sites that are running on top of SBI, I realised I was home and dry.

I hope you can enjoy as i am doing, slowly, step by step, just like the tortoise! Its a copycat cyclical game. You read, you check out some examples, you experiment on your own site and your release that part of your product and monitor it's performance.

Your Feedback is Invaluable

Have you ever had that warm and fuzzy feeling when you open your emails one morning or afternoon and you find that a fellow active verbalize-your-action reader has actually taken the time to tell you how much she appreciates your hard work?

Its totally something magnificent. You cannot put works to this level of appreciation. However, that is the fuel that keep us going, mining for the best verbalize-your-action pearls we can find so that we can continue to encourage our readers to keep expanding your awareness.

After all we all are in this human journey together and the more of us become aware of how to deal with situations the better our world gets!

I appreciate your feedback very much and thank you for your time. Send Me Your Feedback

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