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Verbalize Your Action, Issue #053 - Engage Your-Competing-Awareness
July 07, 2018

July 6th 2018 #053

Beware Inside Competing Situations

Match Strategy Diligent Execution is Better Than WholeScale Tactics

The strategy of every team in any tournament is to score goals and win the match.

How novel the preparation process to score the goals will matter very little in the long run. Very few people, maybe expert commentators and sports enthusiast will remember.

The only thing to be remembered by us the diligent watchers and analysts is that the match was won by so and so.

So for example, to possess the ball, even 90 percent, 70 minutes of the game is not going to be remembered because ball possession is, after all, a means to an end tactic and not an end in itself.

This was the case with Germany and Spain in the soccer 2018 Russia world cup.

Germany Vs Korea and Spain Vs Russia Matches

These matches are perhaps the best proof that greater percentage of ball possession is really not useful if you don't convert your possession into goals.

It's that tiki taka trap again!

Brazil was also not far from that trap, if they didn't pick up their socks and play the ball better.

Could There Be An Awareness Underlying Issue Here?

From awareness situations view the awareness concern here in that there seems to be a perceived general oversight of the opponent on the part of the "statistically favoured winner of the match". This could be the root cause!

This leads to not enough and sufficient psychological, moral and emotional preparation (moral superiority) to seriously engage the opponent and win on merit rather than, from where watchers are viewing and perceiving your team's on-ball actions, it seems as if your have fore-concluded your win, which introduces player and team complacency.

That is, you win in the dressing room, long before you even start playing the match.

The Perceived Attitude of Players and Consequent Player and Team Work Ethic Reveals a Lot

From where we, watchers and analysts, are viewing the games a lot can be read into the behaviour of players on the field as they handle the different ball tackling situations.

A team should learn to comprehensively initialise itself completely in the period after the previous game and before the next game. This is your challenge when you come to managing your competing transitions.

Help Your Team With Your-Competing-Awareness

Be Alert and Active, Energising Your Team Members with Your-competing-awareness

Your Teams Success is Proof of Your High Self-development Soccer Transitions

If you would like to plan success transitions in your own sporting code, your will gain invaluable insights from our soccer transitions article at Self-Development Soccer Transitions

Self Awareness Development

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Your Feedback is Invaluable

Have you ever had that warm and fuzzy feeling when you open your emails one morning or afternoon and you find that a fellow active verbalize-your-action reader has actually taken the time to tell you how much she appreciates your hard work?

Its totally something magnificent. You cannot put works to this level of appreciation. However, that is the fuel that keep us going, mining for the best verbalize-your-action pearls we can find so that we can continue to encourage our readers to keep expanding your awareness.

After all we all are in this human journey together and the more of us become aware of how to deal with situations the better our world gets!

I appreciate your feedback very much and thank you for your time. Send Me Your Feedback

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