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Verbalize Your Action, Issue #001 -- Verbalise Your Purpose
June 16, 2017

Provoke Yourself into Good Action

Get into your purpose by wisely speaking it into your daily life.

Let's say that you are convinced that you have a good purpose to fulfill here on earth, but you just need to know how to get into your good purpose.

You can get into your purpose by speaking into your invisible private space that contains your purpose. If life is in your tongue, then it goes without saying that your purpose is in your tongue. The first action you need to do is to speak words that cause your purpose to "wake up" and come into your physical life. Once you have spoken your words you then must exercise your-confidence that your-purpose has come to you, even before you sense the manifestation in your real life.

Then keep thanking your Creator for your purpose. Let me help you by suggesting the following verbalisation you could speak in your own private space. (Every place you see and "I" replace this with your name.)

I (insert your name here) have a good purpose here on earth. I really believe(s) that I am here to do my purpose. I know my purpose and I am going to do my it. I have what it takes to do my purpose. After all this is my purpose. No one else knows my purpose like I do and know one else can do my purpose accept me. I cannot delegate my purpose to anyone. I will do my purpose.

Right now, I am walking with pleasure inside my purpose, boldly and courageously fulfilling my purpose.

Why do this in your own private space? This is because you are fetching your purpose. As a leader you have to fetch your purpose and succeed in doing so even before any other person can see that you are actually doing your purpose.

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