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Verbalize Your Action, Issue #049 - Prior Actions Set Your Words
June 01, 2018

June 1st 2018 #049

Why Would You Say What You Will Not Do

Do you have a general tendency of living and pursuing a self-regulation-words-unaware lifestyle, whereby you are used to saying things and not following through with your purposeful actions?

Then you need better personal management of your words in your self-development efforts.

When you improve your personal management of the words you say, you will be able to focus on developing your ability to do what you say and also say what you will do - no more and no less.

Your key to achieve self-regulation development of your words is to be aware of events, things, processes and phenomena that trigger your thought utterance patterns.

Take, for example, your being tired.

Do You Respond or React to Events Things Processes and Phenomena When Tired?

To respond to something, anything, is to be careful about how you address the issue.

But to react is mostly to lash out at something, anything.

Now, take some time and assess whether you normally react when you are mostly tired, maybe after a long day of working.

Do you mostly respond to things when you are in your normalcy - your normal state or condition?

If your reaction comes from being tired, then you have just found the root cause of your lack of response.

You are now Aware of thing that compromises your ability to respond to events , things, processes, and phenomena in nature, society and thought. Of course this is just an example.

You might find more things that cause you not to respond. This approach also applies to your words.

How Can You Develop Good Responsive Abilities With Your Words?

You need to develop your own personal management system in your mind that you consciously use to self-regulate your responses.

One way is for you to review your entire set of activities in your normal day.

Maybe you have too many activities that end up exhausting your energy to a point where you are left with not energy to do other activities remaining in your normal day.

For example, you are the kind of person who believes that you must not miss a phone call, otherwise you loose "business". Could it be that too many activities are the actual root cause for the type of reactions that you find yourself in.

Take a break! Review your series of action before your responses in words in subsequent activities. This is your best way to develop good responsive abilities in with your words.

Any Ability That You Believe You Own - Prefixed by the word "Your" - You Would Have Spoken It Before Owning It.

Here is an example using the word "purpose".

You can find this word in any dictionary of any language. But when you "travel" with your mind, fetch, download, install and configure - inside you - your purpose, you have just transformed the general word purpose to the particular phrase "your-purpose".

You now own your-purpose.

To make this more clearer for you take any tangible item you bought in a store - your watch.

When a watch is displayed on the shelf of the jewellery shop, it is just a watch. But when you bought that same watch, it ceases to just another watch.

The watch becomes your-watch and no one will not be able to see that this is your-watch.

You should apply the same serious awareness to your words!

How To Be Aware of Your Prior Actions Informing Your Words In Subsequent Actions

If words are a type of action then your first action regarding your awareness of your words is to be aware of your previous actions. You should start by saying that you are aware of your previous actions. All your other actions will follow this one:

Self Awareness Development

Think Upon Formulate-Speak-Action

Take time to think upon this verbalization and you will begin to perceive victory engulfing you.

Think upon the combination - formulate-speak-action.

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Why Do I Use SBI?

One day during my MBA studies I realised that as an employee and a best practices consultant in software development it was common practice to quickly learn a tool, process and tool guides, write a certification exam, become certified and get out to tell other companies what and how they should deploy software solutions to make profit or gain competitive advantage

Then I discovered a question for myself. Why don't I develop my own products? I guess that was the best thing I learnt from my MBA studies. Of course the MBA instigated this behaviour in me. My MBA thesis supplied the business concept and material. Now I needed to get down to productivity.

After a long research for the best in class tools for personal application, I found SBI. Initially I was sceptical, but as I explored the SBI process, the tools and the core SBI support team including the more than 380 business sites that are running on top of SBI, I realised I was home and dry.

I hope you can enjoy as i am doing, slowly, step by step, just like the tortoise! Its a copycat cyclical game. You read, you check out some examples, you experiment on your own site and your release that part of your product and monitor it's performance.

Your Feedback is Invaluable

Have you ever had that warm and fuzzy feeling when you open your emails one morning or afternoon and you find that a fellow active verbalize-your-action reader has actually taken the time to tell you how much she appreciates your hard work?

Its totally something magnificent. You cannot put works to this level of appreciation. However, that is the fuel that keep us going, mining for the best verbalize-your-action pearls we can find so that we can continue to encourage our readers to keep expanding your awareness.

After all we all are in this human journey together and the more of us become aware of how to deal with situations the better our world gets!

I appreciate your feedback very much and thank you for your time. Send Me Your Feedback

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