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Verbalize Your Action, Issue #050 - Drive-Winning-Qualities
June 08, 2018

June 8th 2018 #050

Drive Crucial Qualities To Increase Your Team's Possibilities To Win The Soccer World Cup 2018

As you go into the soccer world cup tournament, how would you rate your team in terms of team-emotions, team-goals, and team-values?

Obviously you will have to start first with your-emotions, your-goals and your-values as an individual; then assess each individual player's emotions, goals and values.

If the scores for each player in your national squad are high (rated on a simple scale of low, medium, high), then you can say that with all other things remaining the same - such as fitness, techniques and overall work ethic - your team stands a good chance to pick up the world cup trophy.

Have a look at each team quality individually.

Your Team's Emotional Intelligence

Your team's emotions are tied to each individual player's emotions, which in turn are connected to your nation's emotional state and back to your-emotions.

Your team emotional intelligence will be one of your three keys to win the soccer world cup 2018.

All teams are physically fit to play, have ample technically gifted players and workaholic and dependable players for all parts of the field.

One of the big differentiating factors amongst the teams will be overall team emotional intelligence.

Your team's emotional intelligence can be traced back to individual player emotional intelligence and ultimately to your-emotions as an active supporter of your national squad.

Subordination of Individual Goals to Team Goals

Your team's goals are tied to each individual player's goals, which in turn are connected to your nation's soccer goals and back to your-goals.

Your team's goals will be one of your three keys to win the soccer world cup 2018 on condition that each and every player subordinates his goals to team goals.

The big differentiating factor amongst the teams will be the ability of each player to maximise their humble service to other players, the coach, and citizens, while respecting opponent players and supporters.

When each player strives to serve another, all players will be striving to service other players and the net result is that all individual goals are subordinated to the team-goals.

Total Individual Player Commitment to Team-Values

With your team-emotions aligned to your team-goals the only crucial addition is your team-values.

Your-values keep you on the straight and narrow towards achieving your-goals.

So also your team-values will keep you team on the straight and narrow toward winning the world cup 2018.

When your team combines team-emotions, team-goals, and team-values this is because together they have achieved total individual player commitment to your team and your team stands a good chance to win this highly competitive tournament.

How To Help Your Team To Prioritise Above All Team-Emotions, Team-Goals and Team-Values

Be true, just, pure and good to your team; say something positive about your national squad.

Self Awareness Development

Think Upon Drive-Crucial-Qualities

Take time to think upon this verbalization and you will begin to perceive victory engulfing you.

Think upon the combination - drive-crucial-qualities.

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