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Verbalize Your Action, Issue #056 - Be An Intelligent Self-Regulator
August 03, 2018

August 3rd 2018 #056

You Can Be An Intelligent Self-Regulating Person

You most probably enjoyed the first lunar eclipse of the 21st century

But what is your take from this kind of awareness? Did you just only enjoy the orange colour of the moon? Of course!

And what else did you pick up? What about the meaning, literally of figuratively, of the alignment between the sun, the earth, and the moon?

Is it of any value to you, those around you, your community, your nation and the world at large or is it just a past event? If it has some value, what should you be doing in order to take advantage of the awareness arising from the alignment event?

There is an intelligent regulating power that aligned the sun, earth and moon on a straight line.

For example, In geometric terms, a straight line can also represent many dimensional surfaces all intersecting each other at that one line.

If all the surfaces are invisible except the line of intersection, then all you can see is the intersection line.

This is your clue to the intelligent connection.

Intelligent Connection between Sun, Earth and Moon

We are told by experts that the alignment of these three bodies was a straight line (180 degrees).

In other words, at the same time across a vast space in each bodies revolution around its own circle we could draw a straight line between the sun the earth and moon.

This position does not occur frequently. Of course, the expects can give us an estimate of when they expect such an occurrence again.

But what does this mean in the aftermath of this event and is there any significance for yours and others continued activities in the earth.

The most basic abstraction to use to help you ponder upon these things is to use a simple example of day and night. When the sun rises its time to go to work; I mean generally speaking.

When the sun sets its time for you to retire and rest from your days activities, refill your human tanks with energy, protein and other nutrients in preparation for tomorrow.

This means you can, through learning and applying these skills, enhance your self-regulation to a state of intelligence, where you act now thinking about the connection of your one action with the rest of your actions that you are still to perform (they are invisible - still to come out of you).

Learn To Read Events Using Your Intelligent Self-Regulation

Your intelligence self-regulation builds into your person the response ability to investigate and analyse the purpose of occurrence of those distinct events, such as the lunar eclipse, their influencing signals issuing out of those events and producing effects on subsequent things, processes and phenomena and ultimately affecting you and your activities here on earth.

So get yourself to understand and appreciate the role of the alignment of these powerful bodies: the sun, that provides day and light, the earth, where you live and engage in perpetual productive activity within its laws and principles, and the moon that provides light during night.

What is the significance of the alignment consequence for you and what you are doing?

Do you appreciate the general connection between the sun, earth and moon represented by the widely viewed and enjoyed lunar process lasting for some hours and how that might affect you in the near future in a similar way to how carbon emissions by well intended human activities have resulted in unintended global warming, climate change, and the many associated innumerable negative consequences?

Then you maybe walking in intelligent self-regulating behaviour that is worthy for you and those around you.

Verbalize Your Awareness From Events

To Begin Your Intelligent Self-Regulation Start By Verbalising

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